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4 Reasons for Brand Consistency

Think of one of your favorite brands that seems to have everything figured out, from product presentation to their streamlined website. Then, think of another brand that showcases the same qualities. What do they have in common? Chances are, they’ve mastered the science of consistent branding.

Branding is a powerful staple in the world of marketing, whether your marketing medium is email or print.

Carrying a consistent color scheme and message across your marketing materials is critical for being one of “those” brands — a brand that has it all figured out.

If you need further evidence that brand consistency is crucial to your company’s success, here are a few points to consider.

Brand Consistency Builds Trust

A consistent brand message builds trust with your customer base. They will learn to expect a certain quality and color scheme from your brand. The trick here is to continuously keep your product packaging and materials to a certain quality standard. Furthermore, always keep your colors, logo, and tagline consistent with everything you produce.

Brand Consistency Builds Customer Recognition

Once you adopt a color scheme and a standout logo, customers will begin to learn and recognize your brand. One example that many will recognize is the McDonald’s logo and color scheme. When you’re driving down the freeway and see the symbol of the golden arches, you don’t have to think twice about what fast food restaurant you’re passing. You will always make the connection with the golden arches to McDonald’s; this is the exact link that is established between consistent branding and customer recognition.

Brand Consistency Sets You Apart From Competitors

Consistent branding will help you stand out from your competitors and keep your customers coming back for more. It creates a division between you and your competitors while showing that you have something better to offer.

Brand consistency also helps eliminate confusion with your customers. When you use consistent branding and a color scheme that’s unique to your company, you won’t be mistaken for someone else.

Brand Consistency Pulls All of Your Efforts Together

When your direct mailers, signup forms, website, and social media accounts all have a similar look and feel, this is an example of branding at its finest. It ties together any loose ends and gives your company that polished and professional appearance. After all, that’s what branding is all about.

It might seem harmless when your business card doesn’t look similar to your website, but branding is all in the details. Whether it’s conscious or not, customers will pick up on the appearance of your marketing mediums. In the end, your color scheme, logo, and consistency all adds up in the eyes of your customer.

Keep your brand professional and streamlined with consistent branding.

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  • Keeping your branding consistent will give your company a polished appearance.
  • Customers will recognize and trust your company if you have brand consistency.

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