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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Colorado SEO Company

When it comes to your business, you’ll spare no cost. Getting out there online and building a name for yourself is important, and you’ll do virtually everything in your power to make it happen. If you haven’t hired a Colorado SEO company, though, you’re missing out. In addition to streamlining your digital marketing efforts, a Colorado SEO company can help you discover new avenues for traffic and make the most of your online presence, starting today. Read on to learn more.

5 Smart Reasons to Hire a Colorado SEO Company

  1. SEO is not dead

Despite the cries from misinformed marketers that SEO is a thing of the past, the fact of the matter is that it’s more important today than virtually ever before. While the format of SEO has changed (less focus on keyword-stuffed content and spammy links, and more focus on value and relevance), SEO itself is still alive and well. Without the help of a qualified Colorado SEO company, it’s easy to make mistakes with your meta content, linking strategy, keyword research and optimization, and social media interaction that can damage your brand and make it more difficult for customers to find you online!

While many companies think they can handle their SEO themselves, things like Google’s new tendency toward semantic search and the rise of voice search necessitate the help of a skilled Colorado SEO company.

  1. SEO is a cost-effective way to build online recognition

Inbound marketing (which includes things like content marketing and SEO) costs an average of 61% less per lead generated than outbound marketing. In addition to being much less expensive than outbound marketing, it’s also more effective – 93% of companies that use inbound marketing boost their lead generation.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see how a skilled Colorado SEO company can help you improve your online presence. By pursuing things like content creation, good link strategies, long-tail keyword targeting, and quality meta information rather than PPC advertising or email blasting, a Colorado SEO company can help you become more visible online without destroying your marketing budget.

  1. SEO is the only way to compete with larger competitors

If your company is trying to keep pace with competitors or gain a larger slice of the market share, SEO may be the most effective way to fight back.  While it’s all well and good to design a beautiful website, offer a quality product, and write professional content, but it’s all doomed to be lost to the dredges of the internet unless you have the help of a professional Colorado SEO company. By making your content more visible, helping you rank well for our target keywords, and optimizing your material accordingly, a good Colorado SEO company can give your business the added boost that it needs to run with the big dogs.

  1. Today, the majority of consumer research starts online

Modern customers don’t do anything without first researching it online. This means that companies who rank well in local or long-tail search results are in a great position to grab the majority of the consumer clicks, while companies lost on the third or fourth page of Google will never see the light of day. Today, 70% of consumers research a company online before making any purchasing decisions, so having a solid online presence is absolutely essential. A skilled Colorado SEO company can help you build out your online presence, secure quality search rankings, earn good reviews and testimonials, and provide the content your consumers need to convert.

  1. SEO is essential for small businesses

If you run a small business with a brick-and-mortar location, SEO is essential to your wellbeing and growth. Google grosses more than 100 billion monthly searches, roughly half of which are from mobile devices. This is important because, according to Google, 50% of consumers who make local searches visit a local business within a day. If you’re not showing up in local searches, you’re going to miss out on all of that would-be traffic. With this in mind, it’s clear that ranking well for local search (which is easy to do with the help of a Colorado SEO company) is essential for growing your business in the long-term.

A Colorado SEO Company: Your Secret Weapon to Get Found Online

While there are many ways to improve your company’s online visibility, a good Colorado SEO company is the most effective. With the help of the right team, it’s easy to boost your site’s SEO, improve your links, target more effective keywords, and improve your online presence by leaps and bounds.


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