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7 Ted Talks You Need to Watch to be Successful in Small Business

There are countless Ted Talks for small business that I have used as springboards for new ideas and deeper motivation. But for now, here is a Ted Talk for each day of the week to motivate you to do more with yourself and your small business; to empower you to see the hidden potential that is waiting to be unearthed; and to change the way you do business for the good of all.

#1: Tim Ferriss – Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals

Tim Ferriss describes the journey he went through to come to this conclusion: fear-setting is more motivational and indicative of your current state and the state of where you want to go than goal setting. Through a range of personal and secondary life stories, Tim conveys the heart of decision making and challenges his audience to evaluate, “Where in your lives right now might defining your fears be more important than defining your goals?”
I recommend allocating some time to complete the Fear-Setting Process as outlined in this video and use those fears as a means for accomplishing more in your personal life and in your business.

#2: Adam Grant – The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Who are “originals” and “innovative thinkers” that make headlines with their unique business models and start-ups?
Adam Grant presents research with findings that there is a sweet spot between “procrastinators” and “precrastinators” where most “originals” live. Whereas procrastination has a negative connotation in our productivity and efficiency driven Western culture, there can be a positive impact from moderate procrastination – idea incubation.“What you see with a lot of great originals is that they are quick to start but they’re slow to finish.”
Check out this video if you are looking for a light hearted (and laughter filled) creativity boost for implementing your ideas.

#3: Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

Do you feel like you have to work really hard to be outgoing and interact with peers and acquaintances? You are not alone. (In fact 1 out of 3 people are like you). But there may be an inherent gift already ingrained in your personality that is being suppressed because of the extroverted society that we are dwelling in. The power of being an introvert is influential in changing the course of those around you – if you harness it.
Regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert (or even an ambivert like me!) Susan Cain’s Ted Talk can change the way you voice your perspective and how you work with peers.

#4: Ari Wallach – 3 Ways to Plan for the Very Long Term

Ari Wallach is on a mission to eradicate “short-termism” and get people “futuring” instead.

So how do we shift our ways of thinking to dig ourselves out of short-termism that may look fine now, but won’t last forever? Ari proposes that by implementing transgenerational thinking, futures thinking, and telos thinking is how we get to a place of “futuring.”

How can you apply these principles in your small business?

#5: David Grady – How to Save the World (or at Least Yourself) from Bad Meetings

The “m” word can make anyone shutter…..


But it doesn’t have to be that way! David Grady’s Ted Talk on how to save your time from being eaten by meetings can help. Become empowered to put an end to being sucked into pointless, agenda-less, and unproductive meetings and take your time back!

#6: Luvvie Ajayi – Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Luvvie Ajayi speaks to what it has looked like to be uncomfortable in her career and why she is comfortable with that.

“…I realize comfort is overrated. Because being quiet is comfortable. Keeping things the way they’ve been is comfortable. And all comfort has done is maintain the status quo.”

Your business cannot grow by merely maintaining the status quo. So, GO! Get uncomfortable in the name of forward progress.

#7: Tom Wujec: Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast.

Tom Wujec presents to you an exercise in strategic thinking and systems models as illustrated by the process for making toast. In any business there are systems and processes, but they may not currently be clearly defined.

By engaging with the assertions in this video, you will have the opportunity to better map out your organizational vision, customer experience goals, and your plan for long-term sustainability and growth.

And if those seven just aren’t quite enough for you, here are 11 more Ted Talks small business to help you work smarter, in unconventional ways that you may not have heard before.

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