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Danielle Henslee


When I meet you in person don't be surprised that one of the first questions I'll ask you will likely have to do with your personality. People and the human brain absolutely fascinate me. While I am doing more manual tasks I like to pull up Ted Talks about human behavior, psychology, and the physiology of the brain.

*In case you care, I am an ANTJ (equally an ENTJ/INTJ). Ask me about it sometime.*

I grew up in Fountain, CO and then went to Harding University in Searcy, AR. I moved to Colorado Springs immediately after graduating because I didn't have any big wig job lined up anywhere else. Randy decided to give me an interview (for reasons still unknown) and I guess they liked me. 😉


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I love drinking coffee with peppermint tones and hot apple cider. And if you want to win my heart, cheese covered and cheese powdered foods are your ticket in. You will find a collection of mugs and water bottles on my desk, dispersed between my paper notes, planner, and colored pens. My coworkers may not think it, but everything is organized - to me. Something unique also resides on my desk. It is a plaque that reads, "I can't have a stressful week. My schedule is already full." I love (and need) this daily reminder to keep my to-do list from becoming the compass of my attitude.

When I'm not spewing new ideas to Randy and Sarah at Third Angle, you'll find me volunteering in different capacities for the non-profit Blue Fire Legacy Antioch church, and Undone Prison ministries. I have a deep love for retreating to solitary mountain locations, skiing, playing racquetball, swimming, kickboxing, reading, and not catching up on the latest movie trends.

During my life time I want to travel more of Europe and re-travel Greece, Israel, Italy, and Turkey. I also want to be asked to present a Ted Talk.

Fun fact: I have now seen half of Cool Runnings. *cough cough, Sarah.*

Me and the beautiful souls I lived with at Harding University.
Me and the beautiful souls I lived with at Harding University.
Sitting at my desk amidst the mugs and papers that characterize my work space.
One mug for coffee, one mug for cider, and plenty of paper to de-clutter my brain.
Sitting Atop Mount Olympus in Greece summit #1
Sitting Atop Mount Olympus in Greece summit #1
White County Jail Prison Ministry in Searcy, AR.
White County Jail Prison Ministry.
Danielle, her parents, and sisters.
Me and my fam 🙂
Danielle and her twin - Shanielle delighting in snow.
Did I mention I have a twin?! She's an absolute gem.
The group I traveled abroad with, featuring the actual Trojan Horse from the movie Troy in Turkey.
Yes, that is the Trojan Horse from the movie. in Troy, Turkey. (No I have not seen the movie).
Color wars in Rogers, AR with my aunt, cousin, dad, and twin.
Color wars in Rogers, AR with my aunt, cousin, dad, and twin.