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Sam Sierra


What do Tom Petty, Kurt Vonnegut, Wilbur Wright, David Letterman, James Dean and Samantha Sierra all have in common? We’re all awesome Hoosiers!

Born and partially raised in Indiana, I like to tell people I'm one of the "Children of the Corn". HA! (you can skip that on your movie list, Danielle). Seriously, where I grew up there were miles and miles of cornfields before you even got to so-called "civilization". No lie. It was pretty amazing growing up in a rural area. It definitely set the stage for my imagination to take flight.

My teenage to adult years were spent “loafing” in the land of sweet tea and frequent run-ins with the phrase “Bless Your Heart” in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

Samantha is enjoying a night out at an art exhibit.

From an early age, my imagination was my greatest weapon, and it guided me towards my love of writing and design. I set out for college to become a journalist, an investigative reporter to be exact, and I ended up becoming something rather unexpected. I became a bit of a chameleon. Like Daenerys Stormborn, I have many titles...Administrative Assistant, Graphic Artist, Storytelling Sensei, Dreamer, Designer, Writer, Pattern Picker, Time Keeper (I deeply appreciate punctuality), and the list goes on and on...

I'm definitely an introvert with extroverted tendencies. Basically, I value my solitude, but I benefit greatly from unexpected encounters with strangers. Having a random conversation with a stranger can really open your mind, and help push through metal roadblocks. I’m an existential advocate, if you will. If anyone is wondering, my Myers- Brigg personality type is INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judgment).

I've always been on the quiet side, but I NEED music and color in my life to feel complete. I don’t even leave my driveway for work until I’ve picked a good road tune to set my day off right. I’m down for pretty much anything to listen to as long as it isn’t pop country. I’m an avid doodler, a bit fidgety, which totally explains the need to sketch, and I love to get completely immersed in a great book!

Just a few more random highlights about me…

Kurt Vonnegut, Aldous Huxley, and Haruki Murakami are my literary heroes. I love creating themed collages for friends. My most valuable possession is a 1st edition book of poetry, The Cicadas, that my best friend found at a yard sale and gave to me. Photo editing pumps through my veins. I own a unicorn with a broken horn which happens to be my favorite home decor piece. I could eat pizza every day of the week and be satisfied. Lastly, I’m a grammar hypocrite. It so easy to point out others’ grammar mistakes, and completely ignore my own. Eek!

I’m a natural creative, with an unnatural way about me. My co-workers like to poke fun at me because I prefer to write and draw before I get my hands dirty designing and typing on the computer. Hey, I'm old school, and it's a part of my process. Get some Built to Spill jammin’, let me loose with some paper and a fine point (Pilot) colored pen, and I’m on my creative cloud nine.

Third Angle's Samantha loves to be creative and journal.
Sam checking her weights and working hard at the gym.
Trying on Personal Protective Gear and goofing off before painting a house.
Handmade Halloween Mermaid Mask from 2017
"We are in this together" mural downtown Colorado Springs
Unicorn tape dispenser on Sam's desk.
Samantha listening to music on a walk.
Washing teal paint out of paint brushes.
Daryl from The Walking Dead on Sam's gym sock.