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How to Clear Cache from Phone and Computer Browsers

A person browsing the internet on a computer.

Ever visit a web page that didn’t seem to load right? How about refresh a page and have nothing change? Or worse, the dreaded “404: Page not Found” error message. As we use our computers and devices, pieces from every site we visit are quietly saved in the background. This is done to help make…

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How to Overcome 5 Misunderstood Parts of Business Branding

Two brightly colored doors with represent the two sides to ever business branding perception.

Create an experience that delights your audience and makes them want to continue working with & referring business to you.   Branding is one of the most misunderstood aspects of business. Some think it’s just a logo, while others mistake it for marketing. While both of those play a part in your business’ branding, they…

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5 Free Tools That Will Help Your Business Work Smarter (Video)

5 Free Business Tools

If you’ve owned, run, or worked for a small business you know there is a laundry list of things that need to be done, checked, monitored, cleaned and more every day, week, month, year. But with the constant need to get more customers and run the business time is limited for other things, making research…

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How to Ensure Your Website is Safe from Intruders

How to Ensure Your Website is Safe from Hackers

The term hacker brings images of someone sitting in a dimly lit room with a dark hoodie and a computer that resembles something from the Matrix movies. Ironically, most hackers are not even human at all, but the Matrix itself. These byte-sized intruders are commonly simple AI bots created by some hipster kid in a Starbucks to wreak…

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3 Branding Strategies for the 2017 Holiday Season

Branding Tips for the Holiday Season

With school starting, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday season and how you are going to prepare your marketing efforts to help your business. Halloween and Thanksgiving might be between most winter holidays and now, but if your business relies heavily on them for more sales and revenue, you will want to…

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How to Conduct an Audit of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Audit Social Media Marketing Strategy Third Angle - Smartphone viewing sphere of faces

If you have been usingsocial media marketing to promote your business, it is important that you at least semi-regularly run an audit of your strategies. Audits help you identify what works and what doesn’t, so that you brainstorm ideas to make sure that your future campaigns perform as well as they possibly can. If you’ve…

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Guide to Designing Your EDDM Mail Flyer

Learn how to Design for EDDM Mailings

If you want to design a flyer for an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing campaign, there are some basic principles that you or the creative agency you want to hire should follow. Too often we see mail flyers break all the fundamental rules of design, which can prevent your marketing efforts from reaching its…

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3 Routine Website Maintenance Tips To Keep It Running Smoothly

Use our easy-to-follow tips for Website Maintenance

When it comes to designing a website, the work is never done. Even once your brand new website has launched there will always be elements that need to be updated, upgraded, and fixed over time to keep the design in optimal condition. Whether it is something small like the graphics and buttons used on your…

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Creating The Right Message For Your Mail Campaign

Mail Campaign Message

When you are coming up with a new mail marketing campaign for your business, the message you convey in your mailer is just as important as the creative design and what addresses you send them to. Think about it — how many times have you received a flyer, brochure, or coupons in the mail that you…

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Grow Your Brand Awareness With Live Video Streams

Grow Your Brand Awareness with Live Video Streams

One of the latest trends on social media is videos, specifically live video streaming. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have shown how successful a person or business can be with good content and businesses are learning how they can better engage with their customers. Live video streaming on social media platforms such as Facebook Live…

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Guide to Using A/B Tests to Refine Your Digital Marketing

Guide to Using A/B Tests to Refine Your Digital Marketing

Marketing a business, product, or service online is a different breed when compared to traditional marketing mediums. With digital marketing, everything can be tracked and updated in real-time, which means you have the ability to test every campaign to see what’s most effective. In the digital marketing world, this is called A/B testing, and it…

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