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Blogging Ideas That Really Work

Blogging Ideas That Really Work

Being in the midst of the digital age, blogging plays a primary role for a company’s online presence.

Blogging can seem like a daunting task with no payoff, but this is not the case.

Here are a few quick blogging ideas to get the biggest bang for your ROI:

Plan Ahead

One of the biggest downfalls of company blogging is being unsure of what to blog about.

Give yourself time during the week to plan ahead of your blog.

This will make it seem like less of a chore if you are prepared.

Set a Consistent Schedule

In the world of blogging, it is best to be predictable.

Putting yourself on a regular blogging schedule can get you used to posting on a regular basis.

Think Outside of The Box

No one likes a boring blog.

In order to excite and engage, your topics must be on point.

Write blogs that answer customer questions and keep your audience coming back for more.

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How To Plan Your Blogging

One of the setbacks that many small business owners face is zero blogging strategy.

When it comes to blogging, sporadic updates won’t cut it with customers.

In order to get ahead, you must plan ahead. Here are a few quick tips for blogging with a plan.

Use an Editorial Calendar

This doesn’t have to be as serious as the daily newspaper, but editorial calendars keep your content on track.

Try scheduling your blog topic for four weeks ahead if you can.

Stay on Top of the Hot and Trending

What’s new in your industry?

Keeping yourself up to date with industry news can help you get better at writing your blogs.

Engage Your Audience

Nothing makes a blog more successful than engaging your audience.

Delivering a blog that gets your customers talking will help build your brand while increasing your blog’s ROI.

Plan your blogging: don’t make it just another shot in the dark.

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How do I get people to read my content? (5 tips for you)

The buzz is all about content marketing these days—through direct mail, newsletters, white papers, social media, blogs, etc.

However, more important than the channel used to deliver your content is the content itself.

Are you giving your audience something they want to read?

Here are five (5) tips for developing content that will engage your customers and prospects and serve as a powerful marketing vehicle for your brand.

Develop a strategy.

Be strategic about releasing your content.

What information do you want to deliver? In what order? Does timing matter?

Do you need to deliver different content to different segments of your audience or through different channels?

Make it relevant.

Not every segment of your audience wants to hear about the same products or receive your message the same way.

Adjust your content, timing, and channel to different segments of your marketplace.

Don’t be dull.

In an effort to present every relevant piece of information, marketing materials can be outright dull.

Spice it up. Take a different angle. Use interesting graphics.

Develop fresh and interesting ways to present the information.

You don’t want it to read like an advertisement or bore your audience to death.

Make it worth their time.

You know what you—the marketer—are getting out of delivering your content.

But what about your audience? What do they get out of it? How does it benefit them?

Make it shareable.

For email, mobile, and online content, create an incentive for sharing the content.

When the coupons, event schedules, blog posts, or social media updates are shared by others they know, recipients see the information as more credible and they pay more attention.

Give your audience something they WANT to read.
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