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Your brand is formed by every interaction customers have with your business. The highest priority of branding is crafting an image that your target audience relates to and feels they have an authentic relationship with.

A Day in the Life of the Employees at Third Angle

By Danielle Henslee | February 21, 2018

It’s another Monday and the door bells sing as Randy unlocks the office doors, flicks on the lights, and boots up the computers throughout our homey workspace. The third item on his agenda is to brew the first of his cinnamon infused coffees. Marilyn and Sarah saunter in soon after. The first thing Sarah notices is the sound of footsteps on the treadmill and then her nose catches a whiff of Randy’s fresh brew. Marilyn…

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3 Branding Strategies for the 2017 Holiday Season

By Third Angle | September 21, 2017
Branding Tips for the Holiday Season

With school starting, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday season and how you are going to prepare your marketing efforts to help your business. Halloween and Thanksgiving might be between most winter holidays and now, but if your business relies heavily on them for more sales and revenue, you will want to start working on your marketing now so that everything is ready on time. The last thing you want to do…

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How To Create Strong Calls To Action Using Loss Aversion Psychology

By Third Angle | June 22, 2017
How To Create Strong Calls To Action Using Loss Aversion Psychology

When you’re in the process of putting together a new marketing campaign, one of the most important parts that can make or break your conversion rate is your call to action. You might think you’re doing everything right: using bold verbs that urge and tantalize consumers to contact you or buy your product. However, those calls to action don’t seem very strong when you realize that just about every marketing campaign will be doing the…

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

By Third Angle | April 10, 2017
Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 by Third Angle

The landscape of digital marketing is always evolving to keep up with the constantly shifting trends and fashions of the online world. As a business, or a digital marketing agency, it can pay to stay on top of the newest trends in order to maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive online market. Here’s a quick guide on some of the biggest digital marketing trends that are emerging in 2017. Automation & Artificial Intelligence One…

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Quick Tips About Small Business Marketing the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

By Third Angle | December 15, 2015
Small Business Marketing Tips Experts Don't Share

Small business owners often operate with limited funds, which then creates more struggles with their marketing tasks. Individuals in this situation have a few options. They can: take marketing classes, spending those limited funds to do so. try to learn marketing tactics themselves, using the Internet. turn to professionals for assistance, taking money away from other areas to do so. Thankfully, here are some Quick Tips About Small Business Marketing any organization can begin using today…

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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Business Branding

By Third Angle | December 8, 2015
5 Common Misconceptions about Branding

There’s a lot of talk about branding, but what does it really mean for a small business? Is it really necessary to develop ideas for branding your business and spend valuable time and money on branding when both are in short supply? The answer is yes. Any business that survives long enough will be branded to some extent, either by themselves, the competition, or a catastrophic event such as the BP oil spill in the…

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The Essential Marketing Checklist for Small Businesses

By Randy Monroe | October 27, 2015
Essential Marketing Checklist for Small Businesses

Developing a small business marketing plan sounds easy right up until the business owner sits down to complete the plan. Some opt to make use of a marketing plan template, yet this method only works if a comprehensive template is selected. Business owners often struggle to determine where their funds should go. This doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of this marketing checklist for small business owners, anyone can create a custom…

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How To Create Impressive Email Subjects

By Third Angle | October 26, 2015
Create Impressive Email Subjects

Creating Catchy Email Subjects There’s an art to almost everything in internet marketing, and that includes writing catchy email subjects. Although email marketing can be a highly effective way to reach your customers, bad email subjects can cause your strategy to backfire. When emailing your clients, writing a subject is a bit different than a friendly hello email to a distant relative. Here are a few quick tips for writing email subject lines that will…

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Blogging Ideas That Really Work

By Third Angle | October 26, 2015
Blogging Ideas that Work

Blogging Ideas That Really Work Being in the midst of the digital age, blogging plays a primary role for a company’s online presence. Blogging can seem like a daunting task with no payoff, but this is not the case. Here are a few quick blogging ideas to get the biggest bang for your ROI: Plan Ahead One of the biggest downfalls of company blogging is being unsure of what to blog about. Give yourself time…

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What You Need To Do To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

By Third Angle | October 26, 2015
Boost Your Brand

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility Building a strong brand is all about getting customers to remember your name. Smart branding starts with boosting your visibility, and the good news is that it doesn’t take immense effort to get started. Here are several ways to boost your brand’s visibility. Recognizable Logo The first step to getting your brand noticed is to have a standout logo. If your logo is old and outdated, consider a revamp. Your logo…

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Do I need a Logo? A Brand? Both!? HELP!

By Sarah Perry | September 18, 2015
Do I Need a Logo? A Brand? BOTH? HELP!

To help clarify some of the confusion about logos and branding, their purpose and give some helpful tips we have come up with this short read. We approach logo design and branding with the utmost respect for our clients and want to achieve an end product that they and their audience will both love. With that said, we want to share some our professional opinions on these two concepts to help make the process easier.…

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How to Create a Useful Customer Survey

By Third Angle | September 1, 2015
How to Create a Customer Survey

  Though it may sound simple, the easiest way to gather customer feedback is to just ask. If you are thinking about surveying your customers after a transaction or other action, here are some tips to make sure you are gathering useful and actionable data. 1. Focus the survey Before you begin writing questions for the survey, get clear on what the problem is that needs to be solved. If, for example, you are planning…

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What You Need to Know About Your Marketing Budget

By Third Angle | August 4, 2015
Your Marketing Budget: What You Need to Know

Your marketing budget can seem scary. How are you going to meet all of your goals this year with the little money being allotted to marketing efforts? And even if you have a lot of money in your budget, what do you do with it? There are a lot of factors that can impact the size of your budget – and, more importantly, what you should do with it: The size of your company; The…

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Top 3 Successful Humorous Marketing Strategies—And Why They Worked

By Third Angle | July 28, 2015
Top 3 Humorous Marketing Campaigns

We can all probably think of at least one humorous marketing campaign that made us laugh- but do they really help businesses to market their products? Why does humor work so well? Some of the most successful humorous marketing strategies manage to achieve remarkable results for the companies that execute them. But precisely how successful are those marketing strategies? How does humor actually help those marketing strategies? The Secret Behind the Success of Our Top…

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