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Improve your ability to be found online by your customers.

Is your business hard to find online?

The way people discover, evaluate and trust local businesses has changed for good. SMB's that make the most of their online presence are 2.8x more likely to see revenue growth than those who do not.

Increase Rankings

Move up in search engines making you easier to find.

Gain Authority

Show clients you're a valuable source in your industry.

Build Loyalty

Grow your fan base through valuable customer reviews.

Be a Leader

Be the one your competition strives to be like.

Look Professional

Gain brand consistency throughout the internet.

Achieve Goals

Know the right path that leads to more success.

What is Local SEO?

With as little jargon as possible, local search engine optimization (SEO) is how your website is ranked on the internet, determined by many factors, including different on-page and off-page criteria. Colorado Springs SEO is critical for your business's visibility on the internet when people are looking for the kinds of products and services you provide.

Local SEO Marketing Plan

Our plan always includes full local search audit, competitor analysis, and customized plan of action.

Starting at

$500 per month

Minimum 12 month commitment is required.

Build Your Online Presence

Increase Search Rank & Authority

Increase Lead Generation Possibilities

The Local Search Engine Optimization Process

Every business is different but the steps to local SEO dominance are essentially the same. Here are the 5 main steps to increasing your online authority.

Initial Analysis and Research

This answers the question of 'where are you at now?' This phase includes a complete Local Search Audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

Next up is establishing where you want to go (your goals) and what it's going to take to get you there. This creates clarity and helps build a pathway to success.

Optimize Your Google My Business Account

Having the correct business information on the most used search engine, in the world, helps start the process of improving your overall online presence.

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Reputation Management

Because 64% of consumers say they check online reviews on Google before visiting a business, increasing the amount (and quality) of the reviews is the next step in local SEO dominance.

Business Directory Citations

Consistency is key for all SEO so having your business information correct across all relevant directories will help increase your business's online authority.

Onsite Optimization & Localization

Your website is the core of your online presence. That is why your site needs to serve up quality targeted content... fast.

Do you know where your business ranks?

Get a FREE complete overview of your Local SEO performance in minutes. Quickly prioritize items so you can get the most impact as quickly as possible so your business can be found easier and rank better across the web.

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