Creating The Right Message For Your Mail Campaign

4 min read |  Posted Jul 12, 2017

When you are coming up with a new mail marketing campaign for your business, the message you convey in your mailer is just as important as the creative design and what addresses you send them to. Think about it — how many times have you received a flyer, brochure, or coupons in the mail that you tossed out after looking at it for a couple of seconds? There’s a good chance it is because that business did a poor job of creating the right message that spoke to their customers in the right way. Here are some tips to help you create the message that best speaks to your targeted customers.

Tip #1 | Say What Your Customers Want

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when creating their mail ads is trying to dictate to the customer what they want. This is a guaranteed way to just pour the money you spend on making and mailing your ads straight down the drain. If you want your mail campaign to be successful, you have to have it put a message in front of the customers’ eyes that they want to see. Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you pin down the right message:

  • Do they come to you because you sell higher end and better quality products and services?
  • Do they come to you for the lower prices, great discounts, and fun and useful coupons?
  • Do they come to you because they like your business’ style, culture, and brand?
  • Do they come to you because you’re conveniently located nearby?

These questions are all part of figuring out why customers shop at your business in the first place rather than your competitors, and then using those same reasons to draw them in. When you can answer these questions, you just need to distill the answer down to a simple message that shows the customer that you are exactly what they want and need.

Tip #2 | Simple Is Better

Another big mistake that most businesses make when creating a mail marketing campaign is making their message far longer than it should be. You should never try to speak to every different type of customer by cramming in multiple messages at once, because at that point you’re speaking to no one. The more cluttered the mail advertisement is the less likely anyone is to even try to read it. Here are some tips to keep your marketing message simple, concise and clear:

  • Give yourself a strict word count or set a certain percentage of the total space that the text should not surpass
  • Edit out every word or phrase that is not necessary to convey the core marketing message
  • Only mention the key offers, features, and product/service information that the customer needs to know

Keeping your mail campaign simple in general is a good idea, as it lets you have greater control and focus on the offer, the creative, and every other part of the mail campaign. It also lets you test different language and ideas that you can use for future campaigns.

Tip #3 | Create a Great Hook and Stick To It

A ‘hook’ in marketing refers to how your marketing campaign incentivizes people into contacting you for more information or converting as a paid customer. To be an effective ‘hook’, it has to offer them something valuable that people would actually want. Here are some examples of good hooks:

  • Show the customer an offer like a coupon or information about a sale you’re having
  • Offer the customer a solution to a common problem that your product or service solves
  • Use strong verbs and language that inspires some sort of emotion or enthusiasm that people would feel for your type of product or service

Using the above, your hook might be “Save 25% on all our products this weekend only”, or “Tired of your leaking roof? Call today and get a free consultation.” You can take the same concepts and apply the specific and relevant information for your business to create a message that speaks to what your customer wants, conveys it simply and concisely, and grabs the customers’ interest with an intriguing hook.

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