A Day in the Life of the Employees at Third Angle

9 min read |  Posted Feb 21, 2018

It’s another Monday and the door bells sing as Randy unlocks the office doors, flicks on the lights, and boots up the computers throughout our homey workspace. The third item on his agenda is to brew the first of his cinnamon infused coffees. Marilyn and Sarah saunter in soon after. The first thing Sarah notices is the sound of footsteps on the treadmill and then her nose catches a whiff of Randy’s fresh brew. Marilyn turns on her computers and all of the printers, allowing the subtle hum of the machines to wake her brain as well. Next she sorts through all of her trays to line out and organize the day’s to-do projects.

Sarah hustles into her office, as she regularly misses the mark for timeliness. The possessions in her hands are thrown onto the first surface seen. “It’s time to crank the tunes,” she utters. As Spotify is awakened Sarah goes through her emails and Google calendar, writing down each note, task, and meeting in her paper planner. (While she loves the digital world, she MUST write things down).

In a bit Sam and Danielle will arrive. To the same degree that Sam is regularly early, Danielle is late…Sarah and Danielle can commiserate.

“Man, that sucker is clean!” notes Sam about the main entrance as it casts her reflection towards the parking lot.

First on Sam’s agenda is to open up all her programs that she will use for the day and “Slack attack” Sarah with a slew of inquiries. As she types the “Sorry” jar catches her eye. This jar is a daily reminder not to be sorry for questions or items that don’t require apology. She dares herself to speak the forbidden phrase, but the good intentions of the jar prevail.

Randy and Danielle at the whiteboard

Whiteboard brainstorming sessions are a staple idea dumping method at Third Angle. Pictured above is Randy (left) and Danielle (right).

When Danielle walks in she is greeted by hearty, “hellos” and “good mornings” from her colleagues. Randy is perched atop the treadmill desktop – already walking his way towards his daily goal. He and Sarah are reviewing Google analytics data for a client. Danielle sees new scrawlings on one of the many whiteboards that decorate the office walls – the result of a Friday afternoon brainstorming session no doubt.

Danielle sees Sarah walk briskly towards the Keurig in response to her brain howling in need of caffeine. While it brews Sarah updates Marilyn about a request a client had made. “They want to do what?!” echoes into the main office area. I suspect they supplied another poor quality graphic.

As Danielle gets settled at her desk beside Sam’s and behind the treadmill desk, Randy clears his throat in preparation for the “Randy Repartee”, an abridged look at the latest Digital Marketing and SEO news and a brief discussion of what this means for us and our clients.


We can’t even get a decent group photo without Sarah heading out to top off her cup of coffee….
Pictures (left to right) Danielle, Sam, Marilyn, Randy, Sarah

Danielle has opened up her starter tabs to see what the week will hold and begins planning her course of attack. Sam is already making headway on her “to-do list.” By 8:45 it is time to gather in the print side of the Third Angle domain for our Monday Meeting. After some typical weekend activity banter and Randy checking in to see if Sam has moved yet again, we all get on the same page about the business, give print and web department project updates and note any meetings or out-of-the-office obligations.

As we disperse to our workspaces Sam grabs her staple Noosa yogurt from the fridge and Randy walks through the office to try and locate his coffee. Just as Sam scoops out a bite, the phone shouts on behalf of our caller. After assessing the caller’s needs, Sam resolves their issue or passes the baton to whoever is more qualified. Once she helps them she can get back to checking her tasks off in Asana, a quest towards sighting the animated Narwhal that will randomly appear.

Sam helps Mar on the print side of the shop for a couple hours a week. In that time they are usually filling the air with their unique and lovable laughs. If it is quiet when they are together, one can suspect that one of the machines has exhibited a newly foreign behavior.

Sarah and Randy are our main client liaisons, wrangling their requests and responding to critical issues. Sarah is regularly bombarded with questions like, “​Why is this doing this?”, “How do I do this?”,”This site just poofed…can you help fix it?”


Jax , Sarah’s poodle-beishon mix – sits adorably between Sam and Danielle’s desks.

Ironically, Sarah’s least favorite task to do is ​deal with technical issues even though she is a boss at solving them. As she says, “When I solve an issue it feels great, but when I’m stumped – UGH – it is The. Worst. and I feel like I’ve let the client down.​” It is in these moments that Sarah wishes she had her two doggos at the office – her BishPoo, Jax, curled up at her feet and her German Shepherd, Gage, blocking the only route to the bathroom.

Everyone (well, maybe not Randy) loves having her dogs at the office! They are full of such sweetness and they are so well behaved. Maybe Third Angle should get some permanent greeters….

Speaking of things that Randy doesn’t like is people who are not willing to work for food. He keeps a steady stash of brain food available for us to devour. And there’s nothing better than the two different kinds of snack mix – one that is sweet and one that is savory. Between 10:30 and 11:00 the unofficial snack time begins as, one at a time, we stroll to the table that displays our daily treasure.

Danielle crunches on the savory cheese covered rye chips and Randy peeks around his computer monitor to make one of his ever so sly comments. The crunch of the snack mix must have interrupted his day dreaming of riding season….the wind whisking through his chin hair. Danielle crunches away unphased because – well, it’s food, cheese covered food.

Randy dawns his jacket and informs each of us that he is running to the bank or to another mischievous errand.


Sam, our resident Storytelling Sensei, working on adding website content.

“Car” by Built to Spill is queued on the office Spotify and Sam embraces her mojo, sharing a fond, funny, or reflective memory related to the song and its role in her life. Just then Sarah

emerges from “the cave” (her windowless office) to share an interesting movie factoid that Danielle is clueless about. It’s a good thing that Ted Talk about the neuroplasticity of the brain keeps Danielle entertained as she runs website updates, security checks, and performance checks. The brain is her fav.

And while the unofficial Web Division tinkers away, Marilyn, or Mar as the team fondly calls her, designs the latest client request with swift detailed eyes. Although she is frequently interrupted by the ring of the office line, undoubtedly a client asking for something, she is unphased and greets each call with a warm hello and her devoted attention.

Even when you hear the horrid “frrrrrmmmpp” from one of the printers, signaling a machine may be down, she is still unstoppable from from finding another solution to complete a project on time.

If you were to visit the office, you’d see us dressed in business casual attire and feel a chill, no pressure, kind of vibe. You might also notice the scarves are a staple, both for style and necessity. Randy rolls his eyes when all the ladies are donning their gear to combat the chill that only he is immune from. Sarah turns on the space heater in her office to make it as cozy as possible. Sam and Danielle slip on their gloves, and Mar dawns her winter parka.

Both Sam and Danielle are part-time employees, so when the clock strikes 12:30 they gather their things and move along to the next portion of their days. Sam and Sarah, though they leave at different times, have similar end of day procedures that involve realizing what time it is, panicking slightly, scribbling down all unfinished tasks to be conquered tomorrow, and checking off items that they did get done. However, Danielle, like clockwork winds down quietly and ever so neatly writes all the next days tasks in her own planner. Third Angle may be a digitally minded agency but the love of paper and writing is ever so strong.

What feels like hours after Danielle and Sam have left, Randy pops into Sarah’s office and asks “you taking a lunch sometime soon?”​ Sarah works to climb out of the mental tunnel she has dug into her current project. She loves the challenge of having to fit a whole identity into a single design.

As Sarah finishes eating her hot dogs, she asks Randy what he is writing on the whiteboard. “What if we did…..” he replies, and on they go into another brainstorming session to improve the business.


Marilyn (Mar) running envelopes and letterhead.

Before the end of the day Mar has sent out nearly her entire stack of projects. From proofs, to quotes to pick-up reminders. The print division of Third Angle has a constant hum of hustle and bustle. It’s only when that hum slowly quiets down you realize it’s getting close to end of day.

At Third Angle, we celebrate the approaching week end on Thursday afternoons. At 4:00 we gather and catch up on the latest mischief with Mar’s goats, new movie trends, old movie must sees, America’s Got Talent, and random YouTube videos. Sometimes Randy gets a precocious idea to make us play “Speak Out.” (Though it only happened once….) This time may only last an hour each week but it is a quintessential way we stay close as a team.

The faces behind Third Angle are as individual as the clients they serve, each one having their own quirks and habits that help make them who they are. Each team member brings unique experiences and expertise that help us build relationships with our clients that last years. We may not be a large, corporate marketing firm and, honestly, that’s the way we want it. Our favorite clients are small businesses who want to build relationship not just the bottom line.  

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