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Great design will subtly influence your users to engage with your message, your product, your brand. Poor design will foster negative associations of your brand. Be sure to critically analyze and thoughtfully implement beautiful design for anything representing your business.

How Color Motivates Response

By Sarah Perry | April 13, 2021

Color has affected the human psyche since the dawn of time.

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How Much Do Graphic Designers Charge for a Design or Logo?

By Third Angle | April 8, 2021
Web Developer Colorado Springs and Website Design Services

More often than not, your first chance for your business to make an impression isn’t through a face-to-face encounter. Instead, they’ll come into contact with your logo, a brochure or some other material bearing the name of your Colorado Springs business and decide whether to pursue a professional relationship with you. Since there is a lot riding on that first impression, you want to make the most of it. That’s where custom design comes into…

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What is CMYK, RGB & PMS?

By Sarah Perry | January 12, 2021
What is the Difference? RGB vs. CMYK vs. Pantone

If you’ve ever had a logo designed or worked with a printer chances are you’ve heard the terms CMYK, RGB and Pantone before. Besides being used by designers and printers, these color profiles are also used by a variety of industries. Learn what the difference is between RGB, CMYK and PMS.

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MM: What Makes a Good Logo?

By Third Angle | September 23, 2020

A good logo design does three things: establish trust, create recognition, and attract (the right) customers. So when a company doesn’t have a good logo design, it can be the source for confusion, poor impressions, and even lost business.

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How to Overcome 5 Misunderstood Parts of Business Branding

By Sarah Perry | June 8, 2018
Two brightly colored doors with represent the two sides to ever business branding perception.

Create an experience that delights your audience and makes them want to continue working with & referring business to you.   Branding is one of the most misunderstood aspects of business. Some think it’s just a logo, while others mistake it for marketing. While both of those play a part in your business’ branding, they aren’t branding. I will clarify five of the most common misunderstood aspects of business branding. Then you will be equipped…

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Committing to New Business: 7 Reasons to Update Your Logo

By Sam Sierra | March 6, 2018

Your logo is the face of your business—the very symbol that draws customers in and gives a snapshot of your overall mission. A logo is the ultimate status symbol for your company and serves as perhaps the most powerful marketing message for any brand. With that said, there may come a time where your logo simply doesn’t represent your company to its fullest potential. Think of your brand as you would a person who evolves…

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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Business Branding

By Sarah Perry | December 8, 2015
5 Common Misconceptions about Branding

There’s a lot of talk about branding, but what does it really mean for a small business? Is it really necessary to develop ideas for branding your business and spend valuable time and money on branding when both are in short supply? The answer is yes. Any business that survives long enough will be branded to some extent, either by themselves, the competition, or a catastrophic event such as the BP oil spill in the…

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Do I need a Logo? A Brand? Both!? HELP!

By Sarah Perry | September 18, 2015
Do I Need a Logo? A Brand? BOTH? HELP!

To help clarify some of the confusion about logos and branding, their purpose and give some helpful tips we have come up with this short read. We approach logo design and branding with the utmost respect for our clients and want to achieve an end product that they and their audience will both love. With that said, we want to share some our professional opinions on these two concepts to help make the process easier.…

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How do I choose images for web and print?

By Randy Monroe | November 5, 2013
How to Choose Images for Web & Print

“I’m designing a brochure that will include photographs of products from several manufacturers. Can I copy the photos from their website to use in my brochure? The photos look great on my computer…” You are right about photos looking great on a web page. The phosphors on the computer screen lend a brightness to the color that is visually appealing. However, color created by light shining through the red, green, and blue phosphors of a…

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