With Facebook Ad Management Services, you can

Advertise flexibly.

Get more leads with less spend

Control who you reach

Run campaigns as needed

The organic reach of business's Facebook posts have

decreased by 50-70%

The effects of these recent Facebook algorithm updates mean that all the hard work you put in to your regular Facebook posts is not churning in the same results that it did even in the beginning of 2018. The sad reality is that Facebook has become a "pay-to-play" platform, so your business must adapt to succeed.

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Facebook Marketing Services

Use Facebook Ads to Generate Qualified Leads

Get Facebook Ad expert help with
Compelling Facebook Ad Creation
Reaching the Right People
+  Optimizing Your Offer's Landing Page
+  Facebook Ad Management
+  Making Necessary Changes Along the Way
+  Generalized Social Media Coaching

to generate a high yield of quality leads
who you can nurture into full blown paying customers. 

How to Use Facebook Ad Management Services to Grow Your Business

  • Build your e-mail list
  • Target your competitors' fans
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Run a special promotion
  • Highlight your event
  • Re-target people who have visited your website
  • Target your ideal clients by zip code, household income, interests, and more
  • Republish top performing content

What options are best for YOU?

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Facebook Advertising for Small Business - Tactics

$1 to $5 a Day Strategy
The difference is in the Ad Design / Copy

We focus around one "Campaign" (which is your promotion details, event announcement, brand awareness info, etc)

Then we craft one to four compelling "Ads" that are designed with slight variances or have slight variations of content.

These ads are all reaching the same broad audience, but the daily spending on each ad can be adjusted to account for which ads are performing better.

FB ad campaign strategy diagram


Split Demographic Ads
The difference is in the Audience

We still focus around one "Campaign."

Then we craft two "Ad Sets" (that will be designed to target different demographics), each with the same two to four crafted ads.

  • Ad Set #1 (First audience)
    • Ad A 
    • Ad B
  • Ad Set #2 (Second audience)
    • Ad A
    • Ad B 

The A/b Structured Split Testing Facebook Ad Campaign Diagram

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facebook advertising work for small businesses?

To answer this question, it comes down to understanding what kind of ROI is typical from Facebook Ads. The average click through rate (CTR) of a Facebook Ad is just under 1%. Ultimately, your ROI will depend on the purpose and specifics of your campaign.

An experiment by Cash Quest App in 2016 showed the following results for single day campaigns:

  • When $5 was spent, there were 3,036 people who saw the ad, 5 who clicked the link, and 0 who converted into customers.
  • When $10 was spent, there were about 5,000 people who saw the ad, 9 who clicked the link, and 1 who converted into a customer.
  • When $20 was spent, there were over 10,000 people who saw the ad, 13 who clicked the link, and 1 who converted into a customer.

So, do Facebook ads work for small business? Yes, as long as what you are advertising brings in enough revenue to yield a positive ROI. It all depends on the price of the offer, the total reach, and the achieved conversion rate.

Which one is better? Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

While this depends on your industry and needs, recent research by Wordstream has shown that the average CTR (click through rate) for display Facebook Ads is 0.9% while the average CTR of display Google Ads is 0.5%.

Their research also shows Facebook Ads’ average CPC at $1.72 and Google Ads’ average CPC at $0.63 for display ads.

Comparing their average CVR (conversion rates), the data shows Facebook Ads CVR at 9.21% and Google Ads CVR at 0.77% for display ads.

Facebook Ads (display)0.9%$1.729.21%
Google Ads (display)0.46%$0.630.77%
Google Ads (search)3.17%$2.693.75%


How much does it cost to run Facebook Ads?

You can run Facebook ads for any amount. You can run them for as little as $1 a day if you so wish. We recommend spending at least $100 on your ad spend to maximize the return from your investment, but there is not a minimum required ad spend.

Please note, any ad spend costs are directly paid to Facebook and are not collected by Third Angle as part of the Facebook ad management pricing. Third Angle’s has separate charges for Facebook ad creation, any design work, and campaign reporting.

What is the return on Facebook Ads for Realtors?

Facebook ads for realtors see higher click through rates and higher conversion rates than the industry average. Real estate agents tend to see a click through rate (CTR) of 0.99%, a cost per click (CPC) of $1.81, and a conversion rate (CVR) of 10.68%.

Facebook Ads for Realtors0.99%$1.8110.68%


Do you offer daily Facebook management services?

While we do not offer daily Facebook or other social media management services, we can refer you to a social media manager who can help you.

For how long should you run Facebook Ads?

We recommend running your Campaign for at least 3-4 weeks.

Please note that this is the recommended ad run time, and does not account for the time required to discover, design, and set up your campaign. You should plan for one month of preparatory communication and work as part of of the Facebook marketing services before your desired campaign begins to run on Facebook.

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