Guide to Designing Your EDDM Mail Flyer

3 min read |  Posted Jul 25, 2017

If you want to design a flyer for an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing campaign, there are some basic principles that you or the creative agency you want to hire should follow. Too often we see mail flyers break all the fundamental rules of design, which can prevent your marketing efforts from reaching its potential peak of success. Here’s a quick guide to help you design your EDDM flyer.

The Design Should Serve A Purpose

The most important rule is that the end goal should not be to have the best looking flyer in and of itself, but that the design of your marketing flyer should serve a purpose. That purpose is whatever you want the flyer to achieve, such as:

  • Promote a discount to boost sales
  • Raise interest in an event your business is holding to increase attendance
  • Get more people to call you for your services

What’s the point in having a great looking flyer if no one buys your product, attends your event, or submits a lead for your services? Looking good is certainly one important element of your flyer’s design, but it should not be the most important.

Use Color To Draw The Eye To Important Parts

One way that your design can help your flyer fulfill its purpose is by setting a color scheme. For example, you can use bold colors to draw the eye to the important parts of your flyer:

  • Section headlines
  • Contact or subscription information
  • Promo codes, discounts, sale prices, and so on

You can use colored text, graphics, or backgrounds and shapes to serve as the highlights to draw the eye. You can also make the flyer black and white with the only color serving as the highlights to really stand out.

Use Size to Set The Hierarchy of Importance

Similar to how you use color in your flyer, you can also use size. When you choose the size of the text, logo, graphics, and images you should make sure that the most important parts you want people to see are sized accordingly. Do you want the product description to be larger than the name and the price?

You can really highlight the important parts of your flyer with how you size them. That’s why headlines are always bigger in size and also state the most important information, to draw people’s eye to the intriguing part so they read the text below it. When people look at a flyer they will tend to look at larger text and graphics first, in the same way they will look at the brighter colors first. That’s the principle of visual hierarchy your flyer should follow.

Keep The Text As Concise As It Can Be

Finally, when it comes to the information you convey in your flyer it is always important to say everything you want in as little words as possible. People in general will only briefly glance at or scan a flyer, so you want to make it easy for them to find the most important information. Here are some tips to keep the amount of text to a minimum:

  • Use bullet points if you want to summarize more than one point in regards to a sale, product, event, or service
  • Include only the basics about your sale, product, event or service and leave off most details so if they’re interested they can contact you
  • Convert as much text as you can into a picture or a graphic since a picture is worth a thousand words right?

At the start, we said that having an overly-designed and cluttered flyer is the worst mistake you can make. When it comes to the amount of text you include, the same principle holds true.

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