Improve Your Local SEO to Get More Customers

When audited, your business listings should be at least 85% accurate. See how accurate your business's local directory listings are across the internet for only $9.

Know where you stand with information from over 1000+ local online directories

Get help and guidance to get listings fixed quickly

Prevent wrong information and drive more sales

If your business has done any of the below, you should order an audit.

Moved Locations

It doesn't matter if you moved business locations 1 month ago or 5 years ago. You're bound to have listings on the digital marketplace that have your old address.

Expanded Locations

If your business has expanded and you've been opening new locations, you need to ensure Google is properly associating each location with their proper address.

Changed Business Info

Have you changed your business name? Did you get a new website? Have you changed phone numbers or any other identifying business information?


  • Check all that apply.
  • Get your business back in the local search game by keeping your NAP citations clean and consistent across thousands of business listing sites.
    Price: $9.00
  • American Express

Refuse to lose customers to your competition...

...with search engine marketing solutions as simple as a NAP citation audit.


Get your business back in the local search game by keeping your NAP citations clean and consistent across thousands of business listing sites.

Learn About Local SEO Strategies for 2018 Starting with Your NAP. »

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Local SEO Audit Case Study

We did a citation audit for ourselves a couple years ago. In the 36 years we have been open, we have changed names, addresses, and websites. There was a lot that could be wrong. We found that we had the correct information for 250 listings, but incorrect information for 1,000 listings! It was a sobering moment.

Common FAQ's

How long does it take to run the citation audit?

Citations typically take 5-7 days for processing and report developing once payment has been received.

How will I know if my local citations are bad, okay, good, or great?

We are here to help you understand the information on your citation report. Here are some good benchmarks to keep in mind:

Bad: Anything below a score of 60.
Okay: Anything between 60-80.
Good: Anything between 80-90.
Great: Anything higher than 90.

What is a Citation Audit Going to Show You?
  • NAP Variations
  • Aggregator Check
  • Existing Correct Citations
  • Existing Incorrect Citations
  • Data Aggregator’s Citations
Why does it take so long to clean up citations?

It can take 12 weeks for a directory to implement the changes requested. This has to do with their internal processing turn around.

What do I do if my score is bad, or only okay?

With any score below 85, we will recommend a Local Citation Cleanup package. With this, we will clean up the incorrect citations over the course of one year. For a single location, Local Citation Cleanup packages have a $200 setup fee and cost $20/month for 1 year.

We monitor the changes being implement and send monthly updates so that you can see the progress.

72% of consumers who do a local search visit a store within 5 miles.

Having correct business information online MATTERS.

If your business's information is inconsistent or incomplete on any number of the thousands of online search engines and directories, you could be losing business. 

What is your NAP?

NAP: Name, Address, Phone Number

Search engines use your NAP to verify the business is not fake and to provide information to searchers based on their location. If Google sees inconsistencies, your digital authority is diminished and your rankings decrease.

How to check your NAP:

  1. Open favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Etc.)
  2. Type your business's phone number into the search bar.

If you see variations of your business information, it means that there is false information about your business still being used in the data aggregation for those search results. Look at results back into page 5, page 10, and beyond.

Find out where your business information is wrong.

Run a $9 citation audit and see what business information is being used by thousands of search engines and local directories.

Options for Fixing Your NAP

1. Do It Yourself

With the NAP citations audit, you will have access to all the information to fix your own business listings. However, you may determine that  because of the scope of this undertaking, it may be more cost effective for your business to delegate to local SEO specialists.

2. Local Citation Cleanup

The other option is to have us do it for you. That way you have time to do what you actually love.

First, request a $9 citation audit, and from there, you can determine if you need to take the next steps with a Local Citation Cleanup. At least 85% of your listings should be accurate.

For a single business location, Local Citation Cleanup packages have a $200 initial setup fee and cost $20/month for 1 year.

How Information for Business Directories is Generated

The Spider Effect of Directories

If you have set up Google My Business - something you absolutely should do! - it may seem logical that the search engines would use only that information in all search results.

I hate to be the one to burst that bubble, but directories don’t operate that way. There is a spider web effect for how your business’s information is passed through local directories.

Here’s a glimpse of how it works. You have Google that pulls information from their various data collection tools and compiles that with data from secondary sources. Now, those secondary sources have also pulled their data from tertiary sources, and so you can really start to picture how your fly of a business can get caught in this web of information passing.

When you move or make other changes to your identifying business information, even going in to update major listings like Google and Facebook does not mean that your new information will be correct on smaller directories.

In this video on How Business Listings are Generated by Google produced by Moz, you will learn how Google search results reflect data from

  • Google My Business
  • Paid Data Aggregation Sources
  • Other Websites
  • Local and Federal Government Records
  • Google Street View, and
  • Human Reviewers