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Print marketing is not dead; it is evolving. Business essentials, such as business cards and branded invoices, are still necessary. Utilize professionally designed brochures, postcards, and other marketing materials to keep your marketing strategy well-rounded.

What Type of Paper Should I Use for My Print Campaign?

By Third Angle | August 4, 2017
What type of paper should I use for my print campaign?

If you are creating a print marketing campaign to mail out to your locally or nationally targeted customers, one thing you should consider is the type of paper you use. Depending on things like the type of marketing campaign you are planning and what your budget is, some varieties of paper will make more sense than others. We wrote this quick guide to help you choose the best type of paper to suit your budget…

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How to Successfully Mail to the Masses with EDDM

By Sarah Perry | November 23, 2016
How to Mail the Masses Using EDDM

If you’re a business looking to capitalize on the newest marketing strategies, there’s a new spin on an old classic that you might not know about: Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM for short. EDDM is a service that businesses can implement through the US Postal Service and does not require you to have a mailing list with specific addresses. You provide a designated zip code or target radius, and they deliver your mail marketing…

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3 Things to Search for When Hiring Printing Companies in Colorado

By Sarah Perry | September 8, 2016
3 Things to Search for When Hiring Printing Companies in Colorado

You’ve got a big campaign in the works, and you’re sifting through printing companies in Colorado trying to find one that will work. Unfortunately, you’re not exactly sure what to look for, and time is getting short.   Luckily, we’re here to help.   Regardless of what project you’ve got in the works; these are the three traits you should be searching for from printing companies in Colorado. Read on to learn more:   Three…

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Where are Colorado Springs Quality Paper Printers?

By Randy Monroe | September 1, 2016
How to Get Quality Paper Printing in Colorado Springs by Third Angle

As marketing gets more and more digital, marketers everywhere continue to find comfort in the simple things. While there’s nothing wrong with emails, banner ads, blogs, and web articles, consumers and businesses alike find that there’s still something special about actual printed marketing material. Tangible, quality, and memorable, these unique forms of advertisement have the potential to stick with customers long after an email or banner ad ever would. This only happens, though, if they’re…

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Using Presentation Folders, Newsletters, and EDDM in Print

By Third Angle | October 28, 2015
How to Use Presentation Folders, Newsletters & EDDM in Print

Why You Need To Use Presentation Folders With marketing collateral shifting toward digital, it is easy to forget the power of print. As you are strategically planning your marketing goals this year, consider adding presentation folders to your marketing mix. Here are a few good reasons why: Presentation Folders Pack a Punch Let’s face it—carrying around those manila folders with your marketing materials is so 1982. Today, you need to impress your customers on every…

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Critical Pieces to Direct Mail Marketing Success

By Third Angle | June 24, 2015
These are critical pieces to direct mail marketing

When it comes to any form of marketing, it pays to have a plan. If you’re considering using direct mail marketing for your business, the following tips will help pave your path to success. Direct mail marketing continues to serve as an effective marketing method… …despite the uprise in digital marketing over the last several years. Step 1: Set a Goal You can’t have success with any marketing campaign if you don’t have a goal.…

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Why and how should I use a multi-touch marketing campaign?

By Third Angle | September 24, 2014
How to Use a Multi-Touch Marketing Campaign

Multi-touch marketing uses multiple contacts with the same or different media to build your message over time. Using a Multi-Touch Marketing Campaign One of the most effective ways to boost your response rates is sending strategic, multi-touch campaigns. This approach uses multiple contacts with the same or different media to build your message over time. Often, these contacts are layered in three stages: Priming the pump (“Watch for our exciting offer!”) Presentation of the message…

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