3 min read |  Posted Mar 10, 2015

Recent Trends in Websites and What You Need to Do


Staying on top of website trends can make or break your online image.

Gone are the days of flamboyant graphics, stale content, and broken links. We are undoubtedly in the digital age, and maintaining a pristine online image matters most for turning clicks into customers. To make sure that your website contains a modern and updated feel, we are offering our top tips on recent website trends.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to keep your online image ahead of the game.

Web Graphics: Think Flat or Matte

Not too long ago, glossy graphics and buttons made a big impact on websites across the board. However, trends have recently shifted to flat or matte graphics. This is the general modern look for web graphics these days, from logos to buy-it-now buttons.

Large Font That’s Easy to Read

No need to take out the reading glasses. Many websites are shifting to large text for their website content that is easy to read. In the early 2000s, smaller font was standard. Today, strained eyes can rejoice. Large text on your website is modern and appreciated by those who don’t want to squint.

Websites With Quick Loading Times

In our society of instant gratification, many people have lost patience on waiting for slow websites to load. Remember the dial-up days when it felt like an eternity for a photo to load?

Today, your website needs to load within a few seconds. Not only is this essential for customer experience, but slow-loading websites can actually hurt your search engine ranking. Google uses website loading time as one of their determination factors of ranking your website in the search engines.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is not just a website trend; it is a must-have for keeping your website on top of its game. With more customers using smartphones and tablets than ever before, your website must be designed to fit the variety of devices that will view your website. If you aren’t optimizing your website for mobile viewing, considering it as sending money down the drain.

Interactive Elements

User engagement is key to helping your website convert. With that said, using interactive elements on your website will help keep customers on your website for longer periods of time. Think interactive in terms of videos (NOT Flash), moving elements with your cursor, modern zooming techniques, and even story-telling scenarios.

Ghost Buttons

Flat web graphics are big right now, but ghost buttons are also holding their own on modern websites. Ghost buttons are transparent boxes that have the basic shape of a regular web button, containing only text within the box. Ghost buttons are especially great for websites that are using large images as their background.


Staying on top of website trends can be tough, but updating your website to 2015 standards is a snap with Third Angle.

If you are ready to bring your websites to new levels with these trendy elements, contact us for your very own website overhaul.

  • Keeping updated on the recent trends, your online image will be ahead of the game.
  • Large fonts are appreciated in today’s website trends.
  • Responsive design is an important element of current websites.

Randy Monroe