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SEO is key to being discovered on the internet landscape. Imagine your business as a needle in a haystack. SEO will be a roadmap that search engines, like Google, use to point users towards you. SEO narrows the field of haystacks so that your business is easier to find.

The Small Business’ Guide To Colorado Springs SEO

By Randy Monroe | August 5, 2020
The Small Business’s Guide To Using SEO

SEO has evolved over the past few years — and SEO companies have seen significant changes, from keyword implementation to content guidelines.

While it is important to know how SEO works and its purpose, it’s equally important to know the right steps for implementing it; so that after you do all of your hard work and research, you see results.

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What Growth to Expect from Your “New Website” Announcement & Other Expectations

By Danielle Henslee | November 9, 2018
Person writing "open" on a sign

Why should I send a new website announcement? How long will it take for search engines to find it? You thought you’d have more leads and sales by now! You launched your new website yesterday and still haven’t seen any forms be submitted….and a little doubt knocks at your brain and suggests that you wasted your money, or that you’ve been taken advantage of by a marketer – again. NEVER FEAR! I want to shed…

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What is the Cost of SEO When Doing Your Own in 2018 (Part 2 of 2)

By Danielle Henslee | July 26, 2018
Cost of SEO in 2018 if you do it yourself

In part one of this two-part series on the cost of doing search engine optimization in 2018, we discussed what it could look like to hire an SEO expert or SEO agency to help your business. In part two, we are going to breakdown the costs associated with implementing search optimization tactics on your own.   How Much Would It Cost to Do SEO Yourself? It can be hard to find SEO experts that you…

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Local SEO Strategies for 2018 Starting with Your NAP.

By Danielle Henslee | July 24, 2018
A sleeping puppy being help by a woman in a sweater

Local SEO Strategies for NAP Consistency and Local Search Marketing Let’s talk about NAPs. Not the kind we took in 1st grade or the kind we accidently slip into in the middle of the day. We’re talking about your SEO NAP, meaning your Name, Address and Phone Number.  If you manage any aspect of a business or organization, it is important to know what your online presence looks like. Here’s your local SEO strategy for…

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What is the Cost of SEO Services in 2018? (Part 1 of 2)

By Danielle Henslee | July 16, 2018
A white and gray phone laying face down on a brown wood surface.

What is SEO? First and foremost, let’s discuss the key aspects of what search engine optimization is and why it matters. SEO focuses on increasing organic visibility in non-paid search results in Google, Bing, and the like. “SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.” (, The Beginner’s Guide to SEO) SEO makes website search engine friendly. As a result of implementing SEO…

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5 Reasons Google is Penalizing Your Website and How to Fix It.

By Danielle Henslee | January 26, 2018
5 reasons google is penalizing your website and how to fix them

Google is refining the quality of its search results. Algorithmic penalties stem from the changes that Google makes each year to continue providing users with better search results. For example, when Google’s Penguin update was released 6 years ago, over 3% of search queries were affected. When there are literally a trillion searches per day, 3% is a big deal. RankBrain, which was pushed into effect in 2015, now takes ambiguous search terms and uses…

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How to Ensure You Hired the Right Colorado SEO Expert

By Sarah Perry | August 30, 2016
How to Ensure You Hired the Right Colorado SEO Expert by Third Angle

You spent months scouring the web, looking for the right Colorado SEO expert for your company. When you finally hired one, you felt ecstatic. The possibilities were endless.   Now it’s been a few months and you’re wondering how to gauge whether your Colorado SEO expert of choice is helping or hurting your company.   Read on to learn more.   How to Determine if You Hired the Right Colorado SEO Expert: 5 Questions to…

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Colorado SEO Company

By Randy Monroe | August 23, 2016
Third Angle Colorado SEO Company

When it comes to your business, you’ll spare no cost. Getting out there online and building a name for yourself is important, and you’ll do virtually everything in your power to make it happen. If you haven’t hired a Colorado SEO company, though, you’re missing out. In addition to streamlining your digital marketing efforts, a Colorado SEO company can help you discover new avenues for traffic and make the most of your online presence, starting…

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3 Important Considerations Before Hiring a Colorado Springs SEO Company

By Randy Monroe | August 16, 2016
Local SEO Services

Sounds scary, right?   It is! But luckily it doesn’t have to be. By knowing what to consider before you hire a Colorado Springs SEO company, you can set yourself up to find a perfect match – for you and your business. Read on to learn more.   What Does a Colorado Springs SEO Company Do?   While the duties of a Colorado Springs SEO company are many, their primary goal is to audit a…

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How to Find the Right Website Keywords to Smash the Competition

By Sarah Perry | March 2, 2016
How to Find the Right Keywords to Smash the Competition

Finding the right keywords for your website can cause it to move up in the search engines, leading to more success for your business. When choosing keywords for a website, businesses often focus on those terms most commonly used by themselves. Although it does make sense to do so, focusing solely on this area can lead to a business overlooking other words and phrases that may have great benefit to them. When a business adds these other terms,…

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Protect Your Website from Pandas, Penguins and Penalties

By Sarah Perry | January 11, 2016
How To Avoid Panda and Penguin Penalties

It is a rare successful business owner who is also an expert in the idiosyncrasies of Internet search engines. This is for the simple reason they tend to be busy with the myriad of duties that keep business owners busy: ordering inventory, attending to clients, managing employees, watching the books, as well as dozens of other responsibilities. One person can only wear so many hats and, for this reason, most small business owners tend to…

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The Secret to Staying on Top of the Latest Google Search Update

By Randy Monroe | January 4, 2016
Keeping Up To Date With Google Is Important

This article was written prior to Google’s latest Panda release the second week of January 2016. This article will be updated as more information becomes available. – Third Angle Although most business owners know about the major Google algorithm changes, such as Panda and Penguin, quite a few aren’t aware that Google algorithm changes take place regularly. Many of these changes are minor and won’t lead to the results seen with the major updates, such…

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Beat the Odds and Soar to the Top With These WordPress SEO Tips

By Randy Monroe | November 17, 2015
SEO Tips for WordPress

With almost three trillion searches performed on a daily basis and thousands of websites being born, competition is the name of the game in the online world. Eye-catching graphics combined with user-friendly features may hold visitors’ interests and encourage them to return to a specific site but, before these aspects come into play, the public has to first realize a site exists. If this sounds a bit like a reference to search engine optimization (SEO), you’re…

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Your Starter Guide: Why and How to Use Google Analytics

By Randy Monroe | October 26, 2015
Your Starter Guide to Google Analytics

Why Should I Use Google Analytics? How do you determine if your marketing is effective? Since one of the benefits of  marketing is the ability to drive traffic to your website, one of the ways to determine success is to use Google Analytics and similar tools to monitor your Web activity. Online analytics tools are about more than the number of visitors to your site. They can tell you where these visitors are coming from,…

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Keywords and SEO: Optimize Your Website With These Basics

By Sarah Perry | October 23, 2015
Keyword & SEO Basics to Optimized Your Website

Do I really need to optimize?   4 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Website Consider these reasons to optimize your website. 1. Most of your competitors are doing it All things being equal, if you are a plumber, do you want people going to your website for water heater repair, or would you prefer that they go to your competitor’s site because they found them listed on the first page (and your site was…

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