1 min read |  Posted Oct 5, 2016

Thinking about How to Sell like Don Draper

Selling is hard. And most of us aren’t as bold as Don Draper. You want people to buy your products, but don’t want to come across as an annoying infomercial. Riding the line between being persuasive and pushy is hard, but when you change your approach it makes things a lot easier.

“They don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
– Simon Sinek

If you haven’t heard of Simon Sinek before, he is a leadership expert who has written several great books and in his 2009 TedTalk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action he takes a simple but powerful approach to leadership that lends itself right into sales.
Does your copy pass the ‘forehead slap’ test?

The idea of highlighting benefits over features in your business seems simple, but we often fall into the trap of creating false benefits. Learning How to Craft Compelling Copy is important so your business resonates with your audience and they see the real benefit of your product.
Selling may not be everyone’s favorite thing, but it is vital to every business. Feel inspired and confident as we enter the last quarter of the year and remember to ask ‘why’, because most of the time, it’s the most important question.

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