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Third Angle is a Print Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency in the Heart of Colorado Springs

(and soon to be in your heart too. 😉 )

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Go from a blank page to making more than minimum wage... all starts with a great Logo and Brand. Put your best face out there and control the way others perceive you and your position in the market with quality Logo Design and Branding Services, Publication Design, Business Card Design, Marketing & Advertising Design, Restaurant Branding, or Graphic Design Otherwise.

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Go from “Hey, I think people may need...” to “I think we need more people...”

Your first step is a consistent online presence. Improve your online visibility so customers can find you where they are at with search engine optimized Website Design & Management alongside Digital Marketing Services.

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Go from a short mailbox stop to a new customer in your shop… all starts with you thinking outside of the box. Use Print Advertising, Direct Mail & EDDM to generate repeat business and yield higher returns from seasonal offers when you send bulk mail to targeted zip codes and targeted

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You have the dream. We have the expertise.

Listening is one of the strengths of our advertising agency. Tell us all about your business - what's working well, what you've already got going, and where you want to improve. From there, we'll set marketing goals and discuss which types of marketing campaigns will help you meet them fastest and for the best ROI. You get to "Pick the brains" of marketing experts from one of the top ad and web design in Colorado Springs advertising agencies.


We look at the all sides of the problem.

Where are you at now?
We do a LOT of listening to get a feel for who you and your business is, your problems, and any solutions you've attempted on your own.

Where do you want to go?
Sometimes it's a simple goal and for others is a multi-point/month/year plan.

What is it going to take to get there?
We determine the best, simplest, pathway to meet their goal(s) by creating personalized campaigns & plans.

The we give it structure.


We look at how much time you have.
Typical campaigns run for a minimum of 3 months. This allows you to better gather data to determine if it was a success or a learning experience.

We look at your budget.
Business advisers recommend spending 7-8% of your annual revenue on marketing and advertising for the year. However, there are many ways to market your business that fit all budgets. Including the we-no-money budget.


We evaluate your resources.
Understanding where you are now versus where you want to be - and the resources you have to work with (time, budget, people, etc.) is the first thing you need to do before creating your marketing goals.

And relate it to what matters most... to you.

Existing Clients
How can you delight them or leverage more from them?

Prospective Clients
where are they? what is their main problem? Apprehensions?

Yourself & the Business 
what do you need to do to prepare for success?

Don't Just Take It From Us...

...take it from our friends. We’re in it for the long haul and that’s why “clients” sounds a bit too stuffy of a term for our friends.

It's also why many of them have been with us for over 5 years.

"I own A Better Choice Auto Insurance Agency Inc. here in Colorado Springs. We used our local phone book people to develop a website for us a few years back. I was sincerely blown away by the REAL website that Third Angle produced for us to replace the first one. It totally exceeded all of my expectations and has rocketed our agency's online presence to the most cutting edge level, in addition to polishing our professional image."

- John Walker from A Better Choice Insurance Agency

"Great business. They should offer customer service lessons as well as marketing advice! When there is an issue, it is addressed right away. They really care about serving their customers."

- Luke Barfield from Garnet Valley Gym

"Third Angle has been my go-to printer for many years. They have always been prompt, helpful and insightful in assisting me with my printing and marketing needs. Marilyn is amazingly talented and always attentive to detail. Their fees are fair, competitive and worth every pennyThey take an interest in you as an individual and are invested in helping your business succeed. I highly recommend them to businesses of all sizes."

- LeAnn Pickle from Pickle Prosthodontics

Small Business Ownership Advice

From our small business straight to yours. Get tips without gimmicks for marketing your small business in Colorado Springs.

Why Do you Need Third Angle?

Most advertising agencies these days hit the campaign trail from just two sides, and the results fall flat. Instead, you need a tri-angled approach to advertising your small business.

Modern digital advertising plus Stress-Free Website Solutions PLUS Effective Print and Bulk Mail Marketing Campaigns are the ideal way to structure your lead generation streams and take control of your business growth.

Plus... we understand small business because we are one. We have a small team and know that growing a business takes work... but also know you have to have a little fun along the way.

Honest + Humble + Hardworking = Third Angle

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