3 min read |  Posted Mar 24, 2015

Top Reasons to Update Your Logo

Your logo is the face of your business—the very symbol that draws customers in and gives a snapshot of your overall mission.

A logo is the ultimate status symbol for your company and serves as perhaps the most powerful marketing message for any brand. With that said, there may come a time where your logo simply doesn’t represent your company to its fullest potential. The good news is that every now and then, logos are subject to their own overhaul.

It can be hard to part with an original company logo, especially if you have had it since you very first opened your doors. However, a fresh start with a new logo can be a good thing in the right circumstances.

Sometimes, change is a good thing.

#1: Give Your Best First Impression

Studies have shown that customers formulate opinions based on appearance in fewer than 10 seconds. When your logo is front and center of your marketing materials, you only get one shot to communicate your message. Don’t lose a potential customer due to your logo’s inability to impress.

#2: You Never Had a Pro Design

Your high-school-aged neighbor may know a thing or two about Photoshop, but it might not be in your best interest to use his design long term. Your business logo is an investment. If you are still using Johnny’s homemade logo, consider contacting a pro for a do-over. You will be surprised at the impact that a professional logo design has on the public.

#3: New Ownership

If you recently took ownership to a new business, this may be the perfect time to consider updating your logo. This is especially true if your new company has a negative stigma, such as a bankruptcy situation. An updated logo can signify new beginnings for your business.

#4: It’s Clearly Outdated

Are you still using animated GIFs to catch the attention of your customers? If your logo is nothing but a blast from the past, consider bringing your logo to the 21st century. These days, a logo made from animated GIFs or clip art won’t carry you too far. Now that we are entering 2015, this is a perfect opportunity to give your old logo new life.

#5: You Are Re-Branding

If your company has reached a coming-of-age where you want to transform, yet still offer the same services, it makes sense to update your logo. This also applies to business owners who are changing their company name completely.

#6: Your Company Hit a Major Milestone

Has your company been in business for 10 years? How about 15 or 25? A fresh logo can serve as a celebratory event as you work your way toward many more years in business.

If you are looking to overhaul your image with a modern logo that suits your business, contact Third Angle in Colorado Springs today.

  • Your business logo should be a top priority and investment for you.
  • Customers will form an opinion about your business based on appearance, so make sure your logo professionally communicates your message.

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