Website Management in Colorado Springs

Website Care Plans that grow with your businesses.

Experience the difference when working with Third Angle. From backup, security monitoring to support we have you covered. Reach out today to learn how we can help by calling 719-591-0790.

The Essentials

Get the essentials of website management for smooth sailing! Secure your site against prowling hackers and begin your path to sustained growth. Each plan above includes "The Essentials."

Managed WordPress Hosting (optional) (?)
Included AutoSSL Certificate (?)
Worry-Free WordPress Updates (?)
Proactive Malware & Security Monitoring (?)
Daily Offsite Back ups (?)
Weekly Performance Checks (?)
Monthly Overview Report (?)
Google Analytics Connected (?)
Google Search Console Connected (?)
Access to Premium Plugins & Themes ($600+/yr value) (?)



Receive the support you need to focus on creating a strong foundation for your business.

The Essentials Plus...
90 minutes per Quarter Support time (?)



Gain the tools and help you need to make your website work harder for your growing business.

The Essentials Plus...
Included DV SSL Certificate ($80/yr value) (?)
180 minutes per Quarter Support time (?)
Continuous Website Optimization Support (?)


Non-Profit Organization? We offer our Starter Plan for the price of The Essentials. Reach out today to learn how to qualify.

What You Get From Website Management

When it comes to finding a reputable website management provider, it's easy to be paying more more than what you get. NOT HERE.
We are transparent about every piece of our website care plans and have built them with the purpose of providing value to YOU. Through web maintenance, we want to help you grow your business. Here's how:


Managed WordPress Hosting

All of our website care plans include hosting in the price. This keeps everything in one secure location and ensures you don't have to remember endless passwords. Be at ease knowing your website is properly protected from potential threats.

If you have existing hosting, you may retain your account.

Worry Free Website Updates

WordPress plugins can be tricky. They may add endless functionality to websites, but they can also bring endless headaches when they break. Since we manage the plugin updates, if it breaks from an update we initiate, we fix it without charging you extra. This only applies to the plugins and theme installed by Third Angle staff, if a plugin or theme that was installed by the client causes an issue, additional costs may apply.

Included in the Monthly Website Overview Report.

SSL Certificate

SSLs add another layer of online security for personal information that’s gathered or transmitted by your website. They protect you and your visitors from online predators. SSLs are also given preferential treatment by main search engines (like Google) for that very reason. Learn all about the benefits of SSLs

An AUTO SSL is included with all plans. This type of security certificate is meant to provide a base level and is not recommended for sites that will be collecting more than names and emails.

A DV SSL Certificate may be added on to your plan for an additonal $10/mo (included with the Pro Plan). This type of certificate provides better security and may be used with most sites, including eCommerce.

Daily Offsite Back Ups

Problems happen. It's not a question of if but when. That is why we back up your website daily during the early morning or late evening. These back ups can be restore in moments when something doesn't go as planned. It's like nothing even happened. All of these are stored off-site for security and to keep your website from being weighed down.

If a restore is required, you are allow 1 free restore a month. After that, each restore is a minimum of $30. If additional time is required to rectify the problem you will be charged our standard hourly rate of $95/hr.

Included in the Monthly Website Overview Report.

Weekly Performance Checks

Having a fast loading and smooth functioning website is extremely important in this mobile age. It is common to have your website visits split 60/40 mobile to desktop visits. With that in mind we run weekly performance checks to make sure your site stays fast and healthy.

Included in the Monthly Website Overview Report.

Monthly Website Overview Report

Each month brings new things for any website. Our easy to read Website Overview Reports provide information so you know where your website stand. Every report is emailed on the 1st of the month and includes information about the updates performed, database optimization, security status, website traffic and many other helpful insights. It keeps us accountable to you and gives you a simple way to see the updates on your website.

View Sample Website Report

Proactive Malware & Security Monitoring

Staying ahead of the hackers is important. That is why we scan your site daily to ensure there are no vulnerabilities or potential problems that would lead to a breach. If something is detected, we quickly evaluate and mitigate the problem. 

Included in the Monthly Website Overview Report.

Access to Premium Plugins & Themes

As an agency, we pay for a big toolbox of powerful plugins and themes used when developing websites. When you work with us, these very plugins are available to you at no additional cost. These tools offer many functionalities like advanced form creation, easy-to-use visual content editors, Marketing Opt-ins, and more.

If you were to purchase our standard plugins and themes on your own, it would cost you over $650 a year! 

Google Search Console Connected

This lesser known, but ever important, Google tool is connected to your website to better understand how search engines see your website through their eyes. We setup your account and give you a comprehensive look at where your website stands with the most used search engine, Google.


Support Time

Dedicated support time can be used to submit requests for:

  • Performance improvements
  • Content updates
  • Design updates
  • Feature updates

Time is tracked over each calendar quarter and does not roll over. If you run out of time during a request we will inform you and let you know how much time is needed to finish and what that cost will be before moving forward. This way you are never surprised.

(available on Starter & Pro)

Continuous Website Optimization Support

Maintaining proper Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing effort. That is why we perform periodic reviews on your website's health and make tweaks to the technical SEO portions to help it stay on course to ranking better in searches.

(available on Pro)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments & cancelations work?
Our Care Plans are charged monthly on the 1st of each month. We do not offer an annual payment option for our plans and we do not have contracts. Your plan can be canceled at any time by contacting support. We do not prorate.

We only accept debit or credit cards. All payments have a 10-day grace period. After which there will be a $15 late fee. If payment is not received after 30-days your plan will be suspended until payment is received.

Do you offer this to all types of websites?
Our plans are open to all businesses that run on the WordPress system. 

Depending on the current condition of your website when you apply to enroll, we may require a website audit package be purchased and completed before your plan begins.

Is my website WordPress?

What if I paid for a premium plugin or theme?
We can continue to use your paid plugin or theme in addition to the premium features that we offer as a bonus for our clients.

You will remain responsible for renewing your premium items and are liable for all of their associated fees.

Is Search Engine Optimization Included?
The basic aspects of Technical SEO are included in any website development that we do. If someone else built your website, we can implement proper Technical SEO for your site as an add-on service.

Local search engine optimization is not included in any website care plan, but can be requested as an add-on service. There are different services that can be provided based on your current business needs.

Can I have you manage my Social Media accounts?
While we do not offer daily social media management services, we can consult with you about whether or not Facebook Ads would be of benefit for your business and marketing goals.

Let's talk about your website needs...