Give your website the Tune-Up it needs

Have your website get full tune-up to keep it up, running, and promoting your business.

Third Angle will evaluate your website for a tune-up
Third Angle's Website Maintenance Client Plans Features Constant Security Monitoring

WordPress is the most used content management system on the web and that means it can be the most vulnerable. This can be easily prevented, however, by keeping your website’s software up-to-date and making sure it is secure with good security settings.

What's Included in Your Website Tune-Up

Full Website Backup

The first thing we will do is create a full backup of your current site, as is. Then once we perform the entire tune-up process we will create a new backup so you have a clean archive for your records.

Complete Security Scan

We will do a complete security scan to see if anything is hiding in your website. And if we find anything, we’ll remove it so you and your visitor’s information is safe.

Performance Optimization Scan

Fast websites get more leads, it’s that simple. We will determine what factors are slowing your site down and report back our findings. This way you know how to proceed and make your website faster for your potential customers.

Broken Link Scan

Broken links can make the customer’s experience become negative very quickly. We will perform an in-depth link scan on your entire website. Then, present the entire list to you to determine the next steps.

Search Engine Optimization Scan

We will perform a scan of your website to see how well search engines can view your website. Being found on search engines is important and can help make or break your website. 

Update Software

Old software can create a whole lot of different problems for your website. We will determine what updates are needed and how they will affect the overall security, performance, and design.

2 Hours of Included Support

We won’t leave you high and dry. We will either show you how to fix things or we can do them for you. So if you aren’t the most tech-saavy, we can help get your website on track quickly.

Detailed Review & Recommendations Report

After finishing all of the parts of your website tune-up we will create a report, that we’ll go over with you, that includes the findings and our recommendations of what we feel are high priority action items.

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