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Designing a custom website that effectively promotes your business and serves your customers’ needs can be overwhelming. A powerful website has helpful content, is user friendly, and integrates SEO and security features to drive conversions.

How to Ensure Your Website is Safe from Intruders

By Third Angle | January 18, 2018
How to Ensure Your Website is Safe from Hackers

The term hacker brings images of someone sitting in a dimly lit room with a dark hoodie and a computer that resembles something from the Matrix movies. Ironically, most hackers are not even human at all, but the Matrix itself. These byte-sized intruders are commonly simple AI bots created by some hipster kid in a Starbucks to wreak havoc. A comforting thought, right? What’s even more surprising is the reason they’re targeting your website. Why? Simply because it’s…

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How Seriously Do You Take Safety? (Video)

By Sarah Perry | September 18, 2017
3 Reasons Your Website (and Business) Can’t Survive Without an SSL

  3 Reasons Your Website (and Business) Can’t Survive Without an SSL Imagine for a moment that you are on a crowded city street. You’re looking for a way into a building that you’ve never visited before and you notice two entrances. One is brightly lit with a glass revolving door and a security guard inside. The other is a steel door in a poorly lit back alley. Which entrance would you feel more comfortable…

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3 Routine Website Maintenance Tips To Keep It Running Smoothly

By Third Angle | July 25, 2017
Use our easy-to-follow tips for Website Maintenance

When it comes to designing a website, the work is never done. Even once your brand new website has launched there will always be elements that need to be updated, upgraded, and fixed over time to keep the design in optimal condition. Whether it is something small like the graphics and buttons used on your website—or more significant features such as the layout structure or color scheme of the whole domain—there are some regular elements…

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How to Build Your Website Around Key Business Goals

By Third Angle | July 12, 2017
How to Build Your Website Around Key Business Goals

When you are designing a website for your business, it’s important to remember the main purpose. The point of a website should be to ultimately drive sales. Many people often lose sight of this when building a website only to scratch their heads after its launch when it doesn’t help them further their goals. If you want your website to help you increase your sales, the foot traffic to your store, or subscriptions to your…

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Point Your Website Users In The Right Direction With Visual Hierarchy

By Third Angle | July 11, 2017
Website Visual Hierarchy - Third Angle Marketing

On your business’ website you probably have more important pages that you want your users to eventually get to — filling out a form to submit a lead, looking at a product listings page to make an online purchase, and so on. If users are not converting on the key pages like you want, it might be because your website design is not using proper visual hierarchy to subtly direct users in the right direction.…

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Why Great Content Is Super Important

By Sarah Perry | October 10, 2016
Why Great Content is Super Important

Sure, your website needs to look great. Yes, you even need to use the right keywords. But what you have written on your site is just as important as the functionality. All too often, we have seen companies ignore the importance of customer-focused content. Instead, they are focused on their products and services without worrying about how they can help the reader. Great content starts with understanding your target audience. It should speak to them, flow…

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Your Old Website Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

By Sarah Perry | September 15, 2016
website maintenance

Websites are no longer a “set and forget” piece of your business. To be honest, they never were. However, a lot of business’ treat them as such. Just like the office chairs you bought years ago, you treat your website (and the chairs) with the old mindset of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Seriously though, how comfortable are those chairs from 1995? Yes, you could get a new chair, but it would basically…

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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Company for Web Design in Colorado Springs

By Sarah Perry | September 6, 2016
5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Company for Web Design in Colorado Springs by Third Angle

Choosing a company to do web design in Colorado Springs can be difficult.   Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.   While there are dozens of different web design companies available in the area, thinking about what you actually want from web design in Colorado Springs is a great way to ensure you find the right web design firm for you.   That said, here are five big things to consider when hiring web design…

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5 Benefits of Using an Experienced Colorado Web Design Company

By Sarah Perry | August 25, 2016
5 Benefits of Using an Experienced Colorado Web Design Company

When it comes to web design, you can’t afford to cut corners. As search engines like Google have gotten more specific and consumers have become more discerning, companies with sub-par webpages have become more and more vulnerable to being overlooked or, worse, punished by Google. With this in mind, it’s clear that hiring an experienced Colorado web design company is a smart move that can go a long way toward safeguarding your company’s reputation and…

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5 Important Aspects of Small Business Website Design

By Sarah Perry | August 18, 2016
small business website design

When it comes to small business website design, deciding what you need and what you don’t can be tough. By nature, small business websites are, well, smaller than a major enterprise website, and they don’t have quite as much space to cram everything in. Because of this, many small business owners find themselves confused over what has a place on their websites and what’s better left out. To learn more about the elements of successful…

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How to Get More Out of Your Small Business Website

By Sarah Perry | August 9, 2016
How to Get More Out of Your Small Business Website by Third Angle

Just having a website, in this era, isn’t enough anymore. If your small business website isn’t doing anything but taking up virtual airspace, then you’re losing out. Your website has the potential to be the best salesperson your company could ask for, you just need to treat it like one. Your website’s number one goal is to provide prospect the information they need, when they need it and give clarity on your process or next…

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Resolve to be Relevant with this Website Update Checklist

By Sarah Perry | March 2, 2016
Resolve to be Relevent with this Website Update Checklist

With more than 95 percent of the world now online, websites are small businesses’ lifelines to the world. Of course, simply having a website isn’t enough. It has to be maintained and kept current to remain relevant in the eyes of consumers and web crawlers alike. Regardless of your dedication to customer support or how outstanding your products or services may be, failure to revise certain aspects continually seen by the public could negatively affect…

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Using WordPress for Website Design

By Randy Monroe | November 24, 2015
Using WordPress for Website Design

The online world is both diverse and dynamic, giving consumers and businesses alike an endless array of opportunities. A number of sources indicate more than two million searches are performed online every minute while an estimated 34,000 new websites are created each hour. Some of these quickly rise to the top of favored search engines with others quietly disappear without ever being recognized. Although a long list of factors separate the outstanding from the obscure, the platform…

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End of Year Video – Happy Holidays

By Sarah Perry | November 20, 2015
End of Year Holiday Video Plus More!

Closing and Vacation Times The Holidays are here! To give the Third Angle team some time with their loved ones, we will be closed on the following days: November 26th-27th (returning to the office November 30th) December 24th-January 1st (returning to the office January 4th, 2016) *Please look at your current inventory and place any orders you may need before these dates!

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Understanding WordPress Basics in Four Simple Steps

By Randy Monroe | November 10, 2015
Understand WordPress with these 4 Basic Steps

Powering a quarter of the top websites, WordPress is by far the most popular software of its kind. Originally designed to make it simple to maintain a blog, the software has evolved into a powerful content management system that makes it easy to create and edit text, pictures, and more. Since WordPress use is so widespread, its ecosystem includes an incredible array of visual themes along with plugins that add new functionality. WordPress’s popularity also makes it…

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