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Designing a custom website that effectively promotes your business and serves your customers’ needs can be overwhelming. A powerful website has helpful content, is user friendly, and integrates SEO and security features to drive conversions.

5 Important Aspects of Small Business Website Design

By Sarah Perry | August 18, 2016
small business website design

When it comes to small business website design, deciding what you need and what you don’t can be tough. By nature, small business websites are, well, smaller than a major enterprise website, and they don’t have quite as much space to cram everything in. Because of this, many small business owners find themselves confused over what has a place on their websites and what’s better left out. To learn more about the elements of successful…

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How to Get More Out of Your Small Business Website

By Sarah Perry | August 9, 2016
How to Get More Out of Your Small Business Website Management by Third Angle

Just having a website, in this era, isn’t enough anymore. If your small business website isn’t doing anything but taking up virtual airspace, then you’re losing out. Your website has the potential to be the best salesperson your company could ask for, you just need to treat it like one. Your website’s number one goal is to provide prospect the information they need, when they need it and give clarity on your process or next…

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Resolve to be Relevant with this Website Update Checklist

By Sarah Perry | March 2, 2016
Resolve to be Relevent with this Website Update Checklist

With more than 95 percent of the world now online, websites are small businesses’ lifelines to the world. Of course, simply having a website isn’t enough. It has to be maintained and kept current to remain relevant in the eyes of consumers and web crawlers alike. Regardless of your dedication to customer support or how outstanding your products or services may be, failure to revise certain aspects continually seen by the public could negatively affect…

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Using WordPress for Website Design

By Randy Monroe | November 24, 2015
Using WordPress for Website Design

The online world is both diverse and dynamic, giving consumers and businesses alike an endless array of opportunities. A number of sources indicate more than two million searches are performed online every minute while an estimated 34,000 new websites are created each hour. Some of these quickly rise to the top of favored search engines with others quietly disappear without ever being recognized. Although a long list of factors separate the outstanding from the obscure, the platform…

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End of Year Video – Happy Holidays

By Sarah Perry | November 20, 2015
End of Year Holiday Video Plus More!

Closing and Vacation Times The Holidays are here! To give the Third Angle team some time with their loved ones, we will be closed on the following days: November 26th-27th (returning to the office November 30th) December 24th-January 1st (returning to the office January 4th, 2016) *Please look at your current inventory and place any orders you may need before these dates!

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Understanding WordPress Basics in Four Simple Steps

By Randy Monroe | November 10, 2015
Understand WordPress with these 4 Basic Steps

Powering a quarter of the top websites, WordPress is by far the most popular software of its kind. Originally designed to make it simple to maintain a blog, the software has evolved into a powerful content management system that makes it easy to create and edit text, pictures, and more. Since WordPress use is so widespread, its ecosystem includes an incredible array of visual themes along with plugins that add new functionality. WordPress’s popularity also makes it…

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Estimating and Controlling Website Cost for Small Business Owners

By Randy Monroe | November 3, 2015
Estimate & Control Your Website Costs

While the benefits of having a website are undeniable, business owners are routinely stymied when trying to figure out exactly what they need to do to end up with a website that is effective but doesn’t break the bank. The countless ads from website development experts are, at best, confusing, typically leaving business owners with more questions than answers. The ultimate question becomes, what will a website cost for a small business to construct and maintain? Unfortunately,…

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Present Your Website Well: Make It User Friendly!

By Randy Monroe | October 23, 2015
Make Your Website User Friendly

Ideas for Properly Presenting Your Website Having a website is a must for any small business. If you currently have a website and you are stuck on what kind of presentation is best, here are a few quick tips to getting your website’s clicks to convert into customers. Polished Presence Modern web design is clean with flat graphics. Use consistent colors and be sure your logo is clearly definable. If in doubt, keep your design elements to…

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Nine Website Design Basics That are Absolutely Essential to Every Small Business’s Success

By Randy Monroe | October 20, 2015
Nine Essential Web Design Basics for Businesses

By now there’s hardly a small business around whose owner doesn’t recognize the importance of having his business represented in cyberspace by an attractive, responsive website to attract prospective clients. Business owners know a sharp business website is far more than an Internet-based business card. It is a sophisticated marketing tool with the potential to make or break a business. When designing your business website, keep the following nine success-oriented website design basics uppermost in mind.…

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A Website Maintenance Checklist Every Business Owner Needs to Use

By Randy Monroe | October 13, 2015
Website Checklist for Business Owners

A website serves as a valuable marketing tool. Over time, however, the website may become cluttered with pages that are no longer relevant. When this occurs, visitors find they struggle to locate the information they came to the site to obtain and, as a result, they may choose to look elsewhere. For this reason, every business owner needs to establish a website maintenance checklist and schedule and adhere to them. Doing so makes it easier…

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User Generated Content – How to Harness the Power of UGC

By Randy Monroe | September 29, 2015
The Power of User Generated Content

User Generated Content: content (text, images, videos, reviews, podcasts, etc.) created and posted by your fans or customers can work well to help create a steady stream of fresh and unique content for your website or social stream. User generated content (UGC) statistics from Crowdtap, also show that Millennials consider UGC 20% more influential and 35% more memorable than branded messages. Millennials are also 50% more likely to find UGC trustworthy, as opposed to branded…

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Perform a Website Audit

By Randy Monroe | September 22, 2015
Perform a Website Audit

Many website owners take the Ron Popeil approach with “set it and forget it” and while that may work for roasting chickens, it is a terrible web strategy. If it has been awhile since you reviewed your own website, now is an ideal time to do it. Here are 8 things to look for when you are doing a website audit. 1. Check out your title tags. The title of your website is a critical…

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How to Keep Hackers Out

By Sarah Perry | September 15, 2015
How to Keep Hackers Out

Despite ever-advancing security practices, major security breaches happen on a regular basis. From Home Depot to Target to Amazon and Sony, some of the world’s biggest brands have been victims of malicious hackers. This doesn’t mean that small businesses are exempt from malicious security attacks. In fact, the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 62 percent of breaches affect smaller organizations. The effects of such an attack can be devastating for a small…

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How User-Friendly Is Your Website?

By Sarah Perry | August 18, 2015
How User Friendly is Your Website?

Making sure your website is easy to use should be a major priority for your business. A website is a relatively inexpensive 24/7 selling machine that can make or break a sale. Below are the items that we look for in a user-friendly website. You can use these questions to evaluate your own website. Does the site look good? What kind of a first impression does it make? We know this is subjective as beauty…

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How To Use Images On Your Website

By Sarah Perry | July 7, 2015
We'll teach you how to use images on your site

Words have a lot of power. Your website is likely full of copy that educates and informs your customer, and hopefully those words are crafted in a compelling way. You can move mountains with the content of your website, but there’s one element that adds major oomph to your website while adding a new level of engagement—that element is images.   Websites without photos can be quite bland, no matter how compelling your copy may…

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