How to Successfully Mail to the Masses with EDDM

If you’re a business looking to capitalize on the newest marketing strategies, there’s a new spin on an old classic that you might not know about: Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM for short. EDDM is a service that businesses can implement through the US Postal Service and does not require you to have a mailing list with specific addresses. You provide a designated zip code or target radius, and they deliver your mail marketing to every mailing address in that area. Want to know how EDDM can help with your local marketing efforts?

Why Use EDDM

Traditional printed media does not have the same effectiveness as before, and all the new trends seem to be in digital or online platforms. However, one of the great benefits of online marketing for local businesses is that they can focus their efforts on targeted areas or people to get more bang for their buck. EDDM lets you do the same thing, but with direct mail.

Not only that, but every marketing expert will agree that a comprehensive marketing plan that uses all available avenues is best. Plus, the use of printed materials is evolving and EDDM represents the latest trend that is delivering strong results. It can help increase awareness of your brand, your products, your promotions and events to specific areas where you know you are more likely to draw customers.

And for the first time in almost a century, the USPS has lowered their rates so it is more affordable to run a mail campaign than ever before.

How EDDM Can Be Effective

To get the most return on interest in your marketing campaigns, it’s best to focus your efforts on targeting people you know are more likely to be customers. For local businesses, that means focusing on people who live and work close to their location and making sure your brand awareness is at the forefront of their minds.

Direct Mailing is a hyper-specific counterpart to EDDM that helps businesses focus on a target demographic. Say you have a list of previous customers, you can focus a direct mailing campaign on them knowing that if they came to your business before they’re more likely to want to use your services or buy your product again. Or if you’re a new business, you can send out a mail campaign so people in the area know you exist and offer an incentive for them to try you out.

Pick Designs to Build Your Brand

You can get very creative with what you mail out to local neighborhoods using EDDM. An intelligently planned and crafted branding strategy can capture the imaginations of potential customers, whether they receive it as a newsletter, flyer, brochure, or a customized print ad designed to build awareness or boost sales.

Combine smart branding with a good offer to use as a hook, and you can really give yourself a leg up on your competition. One great example as a case study was in the aftermath of the 2016 hail storms in Colorado Springs. A few smart contractors, roofers, and car repair companies sent out a mail campaign to the affected areas advertising their services to people they knew would likely shopping for such services. If there is an event, holiday, or something that will make people in the mindset to seek out a business like yours, you can quickly use EDDM to put yourself in their minds as the business to go to.

Sarah Perry

With a passion for helping people learn, she is the lead writer of The Weekly Angle email that helps small businesses learn marketing hacks to excel their business. A lover of movies, tournament paintball, and design, you can often find Sarah either on the couch watching a new great flick or at a paintball field.