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We are here to help you find the right print solutions for your business. Offering both black-and-white and full-color printing services, we specialize in creating personalized printed brand materials that your audience will recognize and that will foster trust in your business.

We are experiencing extended production times and paper shortages.

Due to a variety of reasons, paper and envelopes are experiencing shortages and price increases. Learn more and stay informed.

Print isn’t dead. It’s evolving.

With the digital age in full swing it can be hard to know whether it's necessary to have printed pieces for your business and we understand that hesitation.

That's why we offer business essentials, such as business cards and branded invoices in smaller quantities to fit your budget (and storage!) needs.

And for promotional print items, like brochures, postcards and flyers, it's important to look professional. That's why we also offer in-house professional design services for all your marketing materials to keep your marketing strategy cohesive online and offline.

Our most popular business print materials are the following:

Book Marks
Bumper Stickers
Business Cards
Christmas Cards
Direct Mail
Door Hangers

Event Tents
Event Tickets
Foam Boards
Forms - Carbonless
Forms - Continuous
Forms - Pads

Greeting Cards
Index Tabs
Medical Forms

Note Cards
Note Pads
Pocket Folders
Pocket Folders
Presentation Folders
Rack Cards
Rx Pads
Sell Sheets
Table Covers
Table Tents
Trading Cards
Yard Signs

Still Unsure about Print?

Download our 7 Great Reasons to Choose Print white paper to share with your team.

Provoking Reasons To Choose Print BLURRED

Get more for your money with local printing companies.

When you with Third Angle you work with professionals that know their stuff, aren't afraid to give suggestions, and are open & honest throughout the entire process.

Knows Their Stuff

You may be thinking, "Well, DUH!" But we think it needs said. You need a local printer that knows the ins-and-outs of the entire process and what other techniques could work better for you. Many have mastered the art of talking the talk. We prefer walking the walk.

After more than 36 years in the industry, we still do not do everything. We want to do what we do WELL.

Gives Suggestions

You're investing your heart, time, and money into this project and you want it to turn out better than you could have dreamed. A quality print shop will evaluate your project needs to find the most effective solution for YOU.

You know you've hired a Colorado Springs printer who cares about YOU when your success comes before the printer's bottom line.

Is Open & Honest

When it comes to hiring a print company for your project, look for one that is transparent about their prices, methods and process, and limitations. The best print shop in Colorado Springs is going to be the one who empowers YOU to make the decisions you're comfortable with.

A good question to ask yourself is, "Do I feel like I know more about printing after talking with this print shop?"

After asking Google for "printing companies near me" make sure you know to ask these Questions to Get the Best Printing Services Colorado Springs »

What to Expect with Your Print Project

Step 1

First, we make sure we fully understand your needs and requirements for your project.
Then we assure all artwork is submitted or designs are started by our in-house team. This process typically takes 3 business days but may take more for more complex projects.

Step 2
After approval is received we review everything once more to confirm everything is correct then move straight into producing your project.
On average projects take 7-10 business days. However, this may vary depending on complexity and other factors.

Step 3
Finally, we check your project to assure it meets our quality standards. Once that is complete we package everything up and notify you.
You’re welcome to pick up your order at our office, or we can ship it straight to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design my printed product?

Certainly. Our team loves being creative and creating unique pieces for our clients. We provide graphic design services that are billed on a per project basis. Before we do any work we will provide you an estimate so there are no surprises.
What Type of Paper Should I Use for My Print Campaign? »

How long will it take to print my project?
Depending on what is being printed, typical production is 7 - 10 business days AFTER proof approval.)

Do you provide proofs before printing?
Absolutely! Even for ready-to-print artwork that is sent to us we always send a proof before beginning production. We also complete a general design review on each job. If needed, we can do a more extensive proof reading at an additional cost.

Do you require a deposit?
Some printing companies require payment in full before a project begins. We understand how to work with your budget and needs. For all new customers we require a 50% deposit before we start your project.

My design file is large, how can I send it?
For files over 10MB we recommend sending it to us via WeTransfer. This third party website is easy to use and very reliable for sending files up to 2GB (for free!).
Send your file now with WeTransfer

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