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Third Angle Marketing, a web developer in Colorado Springs, offers customized web design and development services to fit your business’ needs.
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You deserve a great web development company

It's time for a website revelation. Websites are here to serve your business by providing the right information to your audience when and how they need it.

Hiring the right website development company can make or break your project. When you work with Third Angle, you are gaining a team of expert web developers who actually care about how your website will work for your business.

Because at the end of the day, if your site isn't doing something for your business it's just wasting your money. And no one likes throwing money away.

When we build your website it will be:

Designed and structured for your target audience

Simple and Intuitive

Responsive to all screen sizes

Built using the latest search engine standards

But we don't stop there. Your website is only a part of your internet presence. We offer search engine optimization, ongoing website support, and many other internet marketing services built around your goals, resources, and budget.

What to expect during the website development process

We understand the need to know you matter. That is why we maintain continuous contact with you throughout your entire project.

Step 1: Research + Discovery

Let's Get Started! While you are completing your onboarding forms and gathering all pertinent information, we're setting up project tasks, the development site, and herding all the cats. We’re also conducting research against any competitors and reviewing how we can better understand the why, who and what is your business or organization.

Step 2: Design + Structure

Establishing consistency in your marketing is key. We help you maintain that by creating a website design that matches, or compliments, any current branding. Even more importantly, we create a website structure that focuses around your goals so your website’s layout helps achieve them.

Step 3: Content Creation

Text and images are what will ultimately tell your business’ story and sell its products/services. This is by far the hardest part -- but we've got your back the entire way. We help you write content for your audience - or - gather pertinent information and write it for you. No matter what, we make sure your message is loud and clear to your audience.

Step 4: Development

With all the parts & pieces gathered and sorted, it’s time to bring everything together. When we develop a website, it is done by us, not outsourced. This ensures your message and vision are properly translated into their new form along with reducing revisions and confusion.

Step 5: Launch

This is the scariest part of the project, it’s time to launch your website into the world wide web. During launch, your website will take roughly 24-48 hours to reach all of the known web universe but you can rest easy knowing that we are monitoring everything just like the real space command.

Step 6: Post-Launch

But wait! There’s More! We’re not quite done yet. After the site’s made its way and is actively gaining traffic, we connect all the proper monitoring systems so your new website’s performance can be reviewed. We also integrate important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools so your new website is as search engine friendly as possible to help improve your rankings. It’s also at this point when our website maintenance plans, SEO promotion and marketing plans begin.

Not sure where to begin?

We've got your back. We can help decipher what your next best steps are without the pushy sales. Just call your favorite web developers at (719) 591-0790. We're here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be mobile friendly?
Absolutely. All of our websites are built with mobile devices in mind and responsive design is always included. Tablets and smartphones are an imperative part of society; a website responding to the various screen sizes will keep your visitors happy.

How much do your websites cost?
It depends. However, most website projects typically start around $3,200 with payment plans available. We craft custom plans to fit your goals and budget requirements.

How long does it take to develop the website?
From Discovery to Launch, projects can take anywhere as little as 4 weeks to several months. The project timeline largely depends on the scope of work, your budget, and our current production workload.


Do I need to rebuild my website or can I just optimize it?
It depends, but generally speaking if your website hasn’t been maintained or touched in a while it may be best to do a full website rebuild. On the other hand, if the site has been well maintained over time you may be able to keep most of what you have and only need some targeted optimizations.

Can you convert my non-WordPress website to WordPress?
Yes. We can convert non-WordPress sites while maintaining a near identical look & feel. This process takes a minimum of 2 weeks. Timelines are ultimately determined by the complexity and size of your existing website.

Do you do website optimization on Wix, Squarespace, and other websites beyond WordPress?
Yes, we can perform some website optimizations on non-WordPress websites. Our website optimization services tap into ideal lead conversion tactics as related to websites, regardless of its platform.

Can you create an eCommerce website?
Yes, we have experience with eCommerce sites and have several options available to fit your product needs.


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