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Get found. Serve Clients. Close Sales... With a Great Business Website.

Are you ready to have a Great Website?

Having a professional business website is beyond essential, so that is why we guarantee the following on every website we build.

We guarantee your new website will be...

optimized for search engines

built to delight your customers

streamlined for lead conversions

launched on time & on budget

Learn how a Website Re-Build helped increase new user traffic by 105% in just 6 months.

While Global Gates was ecstatic about the fast growth of their organization, their website was beginning to burst at the seams from it all.

But in early 2021, we were able to launch their brand new website that was restructured from the ground up to better serve their patrons and handle future growth.

Read the Whole Case Study →

Your New Website
Will Smash the Competition

Any website can look great... but websites built by Third Angle look great AND generate leads.

Your Business's Website

  • Helps your customers find you faster.

    Your new website will align with the latest Google search standards making your website crawlable by all the major search engines.

  • Contains great & helpful content.

    Your new website will have easy-to-find and digestible content so your customers get all their most important questions answer quickly.

  • Feels authentic for your business.

    Your new website will showcase your business in a way that is both professional and personable. Your customers will feel like they already know you before they ever reach out.

The Competition's Website

  • Ranks well but uses outdated methods.

    Your competitions' website may rank well right now but their site uses older search engine optimization methods that won't stand the test of time.

  • Uses too many industry terms.

    Your competition's website has some good content but uses way too much jargon making it hard for them to answer their questions. 

  • Looks nice but is very slow to load.

    Your competition's website has a lot of cool design features but takes forever to load, making your customers wait.

Curious about what the process is for developing a website? Check the Website Development Process Overview.

Ready to Get Started?

How Much Does a Website Development Project Cost?

We specialize in the development of WordPress-based business websites and eCommerce websites.

Launch Pad Websites

Great for startups or businesses that don't have a website looking to establish an online presence.

Projects Start at:

Typically 1 - 3 pages

Limited functionalities

Shorter turnaround timeframe
(6 - 10 weeks)

Standard Websites

Great for most businesses looking to build a solid foundation to promote their services and capture leads.

Projects Start at:

Typically 7+ Pages

Custom functionalities available

Normal Turnaround timeframe
(8 - 20 weeks)

eCommerce Websites

Great for businesses that require a robust solution to promote and sell products/services online.

Projects Start at:

Great for various products/services

Fully customizable to needs

Normal Turnaround timeframe
(12 - 20 weeks)

Each business is different and all pricing will be outlined before any contract is signed when you work with Third Angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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