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From branding to brochures and everything in between. Your business deserves to look amazing.

Professional Graphic Designers in Colorado Springs

When you need to spread the word about your business physical mail campaigns are still a great budget-friendly option for small businesses. Third Angle can help you clarify your message and make sure it gets delivered  to the right people.

Logo Design

A good business logo does three things:

  1. establish trust,
  2. make recognition easier,
  3. and attract your customers.

So when a company doesn’t have a logo that fits, it can be the source for confusion, poor impressions, and even lost business.

Design a Business Logo

Graphic Design

Attracting the right customers starts with how your company presents itself. Everything your company presents to your clients and prospects paints a picture of who you are.

From the colors and fonts you use to how you word your advertisements and information pieces, each piece tells part of the story.

Design Something Amazing

Why Good Design Means More Business

We’ve all seen it. That flyer, postcard, or menu that makes us cringe and wonder “What were they thinking!?” Even if we weren’t aware of it, design influences us every single day. From the movies we pick on NetFlix to which frozen peas we buy at the grocery store.

So when it comes to your business, a bad impression by your customer can be so quick you may not ever have a chance to make a second one and ultimately lose sales.

Establishing a consistent look for your business does more than just make you look good... consistency:

  • Helps attract the right customers to your business.
  • Reduces confusion and improves recognition
  • Makes your life easier when creating new products, printed materials, etc.

Is your verbiage falling flat?

Download our 50 Powerful Call-to-Action Phrases to help your next marketing piece pop.

What's included with logo & branding design services

Brand Review
We take a deep dive into what you have establish currently to determine what is working well, poorly, and how you stand against your competition.

Audience Analysis
Understanding who your perfect customer is helps drives the design. We help you create a detailed customer persona by reviewing who your current customers are and your goals.

Multi-Concept Approach
Typically we create several base concepts to further narrow the vision to assure we align your design to your business and audience.

Brand Guidelines Packet
After everything has been finalized we create a comprehensive guidelines pdf and file packet to help you stay organized and, more importantly, cohesive in all your customer facing campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for graphic design?
It depends. Once we know the details of your project, we will be able to give you an estimate based on your specifications. Typically, we price on a project as a whole.

If you are printing your design through Third Angle, your design fee is typically included in the overall price.

How long does it take to design a logo?
Typically, a logo design projects take between 2 - 6 weeks depending on the complexity and speed of communication.

What is included in your logo design package?
Analysis of your company, your audience, and your competition. Creation of multiple design concepts with up to 4 rounds of revisions. Development of a Brand Standards Guide and packet that includes various file sizes, color variations, and other assets.

Can you copyright my logo?
No. We aren’t lawyers so you will need to do this process on your own.

Do I own my logo?
Yes. The final chosen design is owned by you once all open invoices are paid in full. Any concept artwork is retained by Third Angle.

I already have a logo, but it’s small. Can you make it bigger?
Most likely. Depending on the complexity of your design and if the original file size (dimensions) aren’t too small we can typically convert it to a file type that can be sized larger.

Can you design vehicle graphics?
Depending on your requirements we are capable of designing vehicle graphics. However,we cannot print or install them.

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