Mailing Services in Colorado Springs

Need to get the word out to a large group of people? Mail is a solid option even in today's digital world.

Streamlined Mailing Services in Colorado Springs

When you need to spread the word about your business physical mail campaigns are still a great budget-friendly option for small businesses. Third Angle can help you clarify your message and make sure it gets delivered  to the right people.

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What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to send your message to to everyone in a selected mail route to ensure the materials get to your target audience. Utilize this opportunity to craft compelling materials for neighborhood specific deliveries. This method is particularly great for newer businesses or businesses who do not have designated mailing lists.

What’s Included in an EDDM Mailing

All EDDM mail projects start by determining which mail routes your target audience is in. If desired, we can design your mailing to proper specs. Finally, we prep and deliver to the post office as part of our bulk mailing services in Colorado Springs.

Things to Remember when using EDDM Marketing:

  • You don't need a list. You can reach customers within an area.
  • Areas are broken up into USPS mail carrier routes which can help narrow focus.
  • Is a great solution to build customer density within an area.
  • Quantity requirements must be met in order to be eligible.
  • Must be one of the authorized postcard sizes.
  • If not targeted properly, EDDM's can be expensive and lead to lower your return of investment.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mailing is EDDM’s more specified counterpart that helps businesses target a designated demographic or pre-existing list of customers to help drive and promote sales.

When an audience is targeted by demographics, like mailing to only members of a local bowling alley league, direct mailing services may be more appropriate.

What’s included in a Direct Mailing

We review and audit your mailing list to ensure proper setup for delivery. If desired, we can review your list for duplicates for an additional fee. We also process permit usage, USPS required forms, and deliver to the post office as part of our direct mail services in Colorado Springs.

Things to Remember When Using Direct Mail Marketing:

  • Great for highly targeted mailings
  • Mail can be personalized with recipient’s name and additional details
  • There are no design restrictions (can be letter/envelope, postcard, etc.)
  • Must meet quantity minimums to be eligible for presorted postage rates
  • May be required to submit your mailing for review
  • Purchasing lists can be expensive (if you don't already have one)

Learn how this lawn care company increased new sales by 32% in just 5 mailings.

J.Rick Lawn &Tree, Inc. wanted to introduce a new, highly niche service to a brand new audience.

So we crafted a multi-touch marketing strategy around each buyer persona that included website optimizations, local SEO, and mail-based campaigns. At the end of these efforts, they saw a 32% increase in new sales for their services in that same time period.

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