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Sarah Perry


Hello! So, I’m Sarah and I create and manage the chaos at Third Angle. Why did I take the title “Commander of Chaos” you ask? Honestly, it’s because it sounded way cooler than the boring standard titles. Plus people remember it and it helps start a conversation.  

While I am commonly found organizing tasks, projects, launches, and all things Third Angle, I love being able to spend time creating, designing and developing.

I started my passion for design and technology early. I was a wiz at busting out the ol’ 5¼ floppies on the home computer and playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo. It was exciting! When I wasn’t allowed to endlessly stare at a dim, green-tinted, screen or TV, I could be found immersed in a of a sea of crayons, markers, coloring books and colored paper dreaming and creating.

Sarah Perry | Third Angle Marketing & Design Specialist

That passion never waivered through my adolescence. I was 1 of 10 students to be accepted into my high school’s Area Vocational Program. (woo!) They paid for me to go to the local community college so I could start an Associates my junior year of high school. And boy was that the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I quickly gobbled up every bit of information I could get. From color theory, production design to creativity & visual thinking, I ate it up, and graduated from high school with laser focus - I was going to be... a FREELANCER!

Well, I quickly discovered Freelancing doesn’t come with an instant shipment of cash and it’s actually really hard to pay bills with monopoly money. So I started working for local small businesses doing design work and even becoming a Benefits Coordinator once (..I know. But! I am great with insurance now… and excel.)

It wasn’t until I found web design that I knew I found my true calling. Creating a digital experience for people to showcase and promote their passion was exciting and, well, I’ve been captivated since. My two favorite things about working in this industry are seeing someone light up when they talk about their passion and hearing them talk about how they just 'can't keep up' because business is great. Being able to do what you love and be successful at it is the icing on a very sweet cake.

When I'm at the office you'll discover a very outgoing and even comedic person, some would even going so far to say I’m the social butterfly. However, and slightly ironically, I am the most introverted personality in the office. (I’m an INFP) I’d actually prefer designing for hours listening to music, snowboarding at Keystone’s Outback or enjoying a good Netflix binge*.

*Fun fact: Movies aren’t enjoyed equally at Third Angle. I have given Danielle a long list of GREAT movie suggestions - but alas - she still hasn’t seen Cool Runnings or The Big Lebowski. *sigh*

Sarah's dog Jax
Sarah and her husband skiing at Monarch Mountain
Sarah and her husband on a hike.
Sarah and Her Husband at a Sunset
Sarah's German Shepherd Gage