TA_Blog Do I really Need SEO?

Do I Really Need SEO?

Posted May 26, 2015 | Updated 9 years ago

Online marketing can be frustrating.

First, having a website is essential to boost your business. Then, you actually have to keep it updated to remain relevant to your customers. Now, on top of everything else, the term SEO is buzzing everywhere with promises to get your website in front of your customers.

Do you really need SEO, or is it just another burden and expense to add to your marketing budget?

The Truth About SEO and Website Performance

SEO has gained traction over the last few years, although many have yet to grasp its importance and relevance.

The truth is that SEO is not another marketing gimmick that costs a lot of money yet yields no results.

SEO acts like an engine in a car or tires on a bicycle; it gives your website its “go” in terms of search engine value.

Your website can look stunning, but that’s not enough to win in the search engines.

In the world of Google, it’s all about performance, relevancy, and just the right amount of optimization.

Websites Without SEO Will Drift Without Direction

Without SEO, your website is essentially like driftwood in the sea.

Your website might end up in front of customers, but it might not.

It all depends on where the tides of Google updates takes you.

The most recent Google updates have shown strong favor toward websites that use favorable SEO techniques and updates.

If you ignore keywords and leave your website neglected, you’re already off on the wrong foot with Google.

Websites Without SEO Are Gambling With Google

Google’s updates can be quite unpredictable with harsh penalties.

It isn’t unheard of for websites to be on page one today and on page ten by tomorrow.

This happens when websites are using shady SEO techniques, or they neglect SEO altogether.

Google updates roll out every so often, and before you know it, you have disappeared from the search engines.

It’s a gamble to expect top search engine performance without SEO.

You might squeak by for some time, but Google will eventually devalue websites that aren’t updated and don’t use favorable SEO techniques.

Anchor and Amplify Your Website With SEO

There are never any guarantees with SEO, but it can undoubtedly help anchor your website in the search engines.

This means it’s unlikely that your website will fall from page one to page ten because you are staying on top of Google’s updates and optimizing your website in a favorable fashion.

With SEO, you can amplify your website’s presence in the search engines and keep customers clicking your way.