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How to Ensure You Hired the Right Colorado SEO Expert

Posted Aug 30, 2016 | Updated 8 years ago

You spent months scouring the web, looking for the right Colorado SEO expert for your company. When you finally hired one, you felt ecstatic. The possibilities were endless.

Now it’s been a few months and you’re wondering how to gauge whether your Colorado SEO expert of choice is helping or hurting your company.

Read on to learn more.

How to Determine if You Hired the Right Colorado SEO Expert: 5 Questions to Ask

To figure out whether you landed your dream professional or you need to start looking for someone new, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the expert have any proof of improved SEO rankings?

Ideally, the outset of each SEO contract includes a discussion of goals and how those goals will be measured.

For example, if your goal is to boost your rankings for a given set of keywords, the SEO should have helped you understand how and when he or she would measure those outcomes.

One great way to tell whether you’ve hired the right expert is to evaluate whether your SEO has provided any proof of improved SEO rankings. If so, now is the time to evaluate that documentation to make sure it falls in line with your goals and priorities. If not, you may want to search for a different professional.

  1. Does the SEO ask for your help or input on a regular basis?

An SEO can’t exist as an island, and anyone who isn’t asking for your help or input isn’t doing his or her job. Since you own the site, the SEO will need to come to you for things like access to your Google Webmaster Tools or a list of seed keywords you’d like to research and optimize for.

If an SEO hasn’t asked you for these things, it’s likely that they’re not doing their job as well as they could be.


  1. Has the SEO made suggestions for how to build upon or improve your site?

The whole purpose of hiring an SEO is to get suggestions for boosting the effectiveness of your site. If your SEO hasn’t offered these things, it’s time to get suspicious. Ideally, a good Colorado SEO expert will evaluate your site and offer suggestions for improvement almost immediately.

However, if you haven’t heard from your SEO at all, or the suggestions you have heard simply involve pointing a bunch of backlinks at a given site or page, it’s time to move on.

Remember that good SEOs work hard to produce rankings for your site, and anyone who isn’t being proactive about providing suggestions isn’t caring for your SEO the way you would hope.

  1. Have you gotten any new penalties?

If you’ve gotten penalties or seen decreased rankings in the months since you hired an SEO firm, it’s time to ask some tough questions. The one thing that absolutely should not happen with an SEO firm is penalties, and if you’ve gotten any it’s likely that the SEO firm you hired is not the right one.

  1. Has your traffic climbed or dropped off?

If your traffic has dropped off since hiring an SEO, it’s time to get suspicious. While it’s not a given that this is your SEO’s fault, it may well be. Certain changes to your site can produce decreases in traffic, and a reputable SEO agency will know how to avoid these as best as possible.

With that in mind, consider hiring a new Colorado SEO expert if you’ve seen your rankings do anything but climb.

Hire a Colorado SEO Expert and Improve Your Business

SEO is tough, and it’s helpful to have the assistance of a qualified expert to help you overhaul your site. Whether you’re looking for increased rankings, more traffic, more effective keyword research, or the reversal of certain Google penalties and punishments, a reputable SEO can help.

Unfortunately, many people hire an SEO expert and then wonder if they’ve made the right choice. While finding a good fit can be tough, asking these five questions can help you decide if you’ve found a good match for you or if you need to keep looking.

While partnering with the SEO of your dreams may be a time-consuming process, it’s well worth it to see the improvements great SEO can make to your site.