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How To Use Facebook and Pinterest for Your Business

Posted Oct 26, 2015 | Updated 9 years ago

Using Facebook and Pinterest For Your Business… Where To Begin?

Crash Course on Facebook News Feed for Businesses

The average person has 1,500 stories a day that could flow through his/her feed. Is YOUR business one of those stories?

Facebook tracks the type of content you’ve interacted with most in the past, and then presents you with posts of that type more frequently.

For example, if you like and comment on photo updates more often than video updates, Facebook will likely show you more photo updates in your feed.

As a business, you need to start thinking about the visuals you can pair with your advertisements.

Strong and persuasive ad copy won’t be enough in this age of Facebook.

Since people can now filter out businesses, you need to make sure you share your business on your personal profile, so it still shows up if they filter just their “friends” news feeds.

Keep in mind: Your content needs to reach a more varied audience (i.e. those that prefer images vs. those that prefer just text).

You should vary your content to keep it interesting, and vary how you share it…

(or any combination!)

Illustrate your posts with eye-catching visuals.
Share your business on your personal profile.
Vary your content!

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How To Use Facebook for Small Business

If you are a small business which has yet to leverage the power of social media, you are missing out on endless advertising potential.

Here are a few quick tips for using Facebook for your business:

Start Thinking Status Updates

Stale social media is a sin in any industry; engaging your audience on a regular basis is key to developing a solid social presence.

Start with two posts per week.

Best Topics to Post

If you have a Facebook page but can’t figure out what to post, here are several foolproof ideas: consider posting promotional specials, before and after photos, and customer testimonials.

Always Interact

The point of using Facebook is to engage with your audience.

Be sure to respond to every customer inquiry in a timely manner, no matter if the comments are positive or negative.

Use Facebook for Social Proof

Keep in mind that customers are researching you online, and they will certainly look for you on Facebook.

Your profile will give positive social proof through reviews, commentary, and the way that you engage with customers.

To get started on using Facebook for small business, contact Third Angle in Colorado Springs.

How To Use Pinterest in Your Social Media Marketing

When you think of social media, most likely you think of Facebook and Twitter.

However, there is another social media giant that has grabbed the attention of millions of users: Pinterest.

Here are several ways you can incorporate Pinterest into your social media marketing routine.

Pin Your Products

Pinterest is all about visual marketing; it is also the perfect place to showcase all of your products in one spot.

Create a pin board that creatively collects all of your products.

Be sure to categorize your board, so it reaches your target audience.

Link Products to Your Website

Pictures of your products are great, but photos alone might not score a sale.

Make sure you include a link for all images back to your website.

Use Keywords

Pins are searchable, so make sure you use target keywords when pinning to your boards.

Repin What You Love

Social is all about sharing. Don’t hold back on pinning great finds that catch your eye.

Pinterest can be a gold mine for attracting new customers.

To discover how Pinterest or Facebook can escalate your business and help you build your brand, contact Third Angle for your customized strategy.