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MM: What is Marketing Vs. Advertising?

Posted Jul 28, 2020 | Updated 4 years ago

Video Transcription:

Pop quiz hot shot: you need to push your new sale but what do you use?

Marketing or Advertising!? Both are common terms but contrary to popular belief, marketing and advertising are actually two separate things.

Marketing is defined as any activities related to increasing the awareness and sales of your business. From creating promotional campaigns for your offerings to understanding the results of those campaigns is all marketing.

There are two core methods of marketing which are known as Inbound and Outbound. Drawing customers in, by creating and leveraging helpful content — like this, is Inbound Marketing. While projecting your message out, by putting ads in front an audience, is Outbound Marketing.

Advertising, which is a part of outbound marketing, is a tactic to convert someone into a paying customer. This is achieved by placing targeted advertisements in places your audience will see.

Common methods of advertising include social media ads, search engine ads, email campaigns and physical mailer campaigns like Every Door Direct Mail — also known as EDDM.

Curious on how to start your marketing campaign? There isn’t, necessarily, a wrong way to begin but there are plenty of ineffective ways. A smart way to begin is talk to your existing clients and ask questions like how they found you and why they chose to work with you. But if you’re still feeling unsure — reach out, my team and I are here to help you get your marketing up to speed..

This is Sarah from Third Angle with your Marketing Minute.