1 min read |  Posted Aug 11, 2020

MM: How to Use FAQs


We all have those questions, the ones you answer all the time. They take up precious time and distract us from more important tasks.

Instead of sounding like a broken record, put a few of your most common FAQs, frequently asked questions, on your website’s home page. This way your clients can get their basic questions answered before they ever reach out.

Another benefit of doing this is that it showcases your expertise by anticipating the client’s needs and addressing any apprehensions they may have.

This isn’t a perfect fix because, as we all know, customers will always have questions. But this simple tip can help give back that much needed time in your busy day. This is Sarah from Third Angle with your Marketing Minute.

Sarah Perry

With a passion for helping people learn, she is the lead writer of The Weekly Angle email that helps small businesses learn marketing hacks to excel their business. A lover of movies, tournament paintball, and design, you can often find Sarah either on the couch watching a new great flick or at a paintball field.