J. Rick Lawn & Tree Marketing Case Study

How a lawn care company increased sales 1.3 times AND increased their organic Google search traffic by 346% in 4 months.

The Need:

J Rick Lawn and Tree wanted to do more in preparation for the seasonal uptick of people searching for spring and summer lawn care programs and services. They were looking for small business marketing services to support the big push to increase online visibility for home owners in certain areas of Colorado Springs.

Top Objectives:

Increase Sales Over Last Year

Our client wanted to increase sales over last year, but without losing the ability to provide quality service for new and existing clients. They needed an optimized marketing strategy to implement.

Increase Online Search Visibility

Getting found by online searchers was a top priority. We redesigned their website and provided other small business marketing services to improve SEO and target keywords to increase search visibility and get more visitors to the website.

Convert More Leads

We added this objective for the client because converting leads is HOW you get more sales. We made sure website visitor's could self qualify before calling and we designed the site to lead users through a buyer's journey.

Problems That Were Solved

Solution: Utilized clear calls to action (CTAs) to drive lead conversion for the "Contact" & "Request a Quote" forms.

On the old site, there was one main call-to-action (CTA) for people to "Request a FREE Quote." The content on their pages did not guide people to filling out the form. They had a total Contact Form and Request a Quote Form conversion rate of only 5.2%.

On the new site, we included CTAs in each service section after the pertinent, decision making information, so that users know exactly what they are supposed to do if they qualify for the services being offered. This has increased total contact form and request a quote form conversion rates to 19.72%!

This means that in 2017, out of every 100 website visitors, 5 would contact the client, but in 2018, 20 would contact them. Wow!

Solution: Ran multiple custom Facebook Ad campaigns and offered Keyword Optimization Services.

Beyond the optimization of their website to increase user experience and lead conversion once people we on the actual website, we also implemented some campaigns to drive traffic to the website.

We developed and custom Facebook Ads for the client, performing A/B testing along the way to optimize future ad designs and CTAs. We developed custom landing pages on their website to accurately track and manage traffic from the ad campaigns so that the client would know their ROI. We also implemented additional Keyword Research and Optimization to improve their site's rankings in search engines.

The Results?

At the end of their four month busy season, these website case study results could bring nothing less than a beaming grin as jricklawn.com saw a

312% increase in Colorado Springs web traffic from 561 users to 2,309 users,

346% increase in organic Google search traffic from 279 users to 1,245 users,

371% increase in lead conversion rates from 5.2% to 19.3%

and 1.3 times as many sales.

We cannot guarantee these same exact results, but what we can guarantee is an optimized website and marketing campaign(s) that will work as a sales tool rather than merely sitting on the inter-webs, accomplishing little to drive business.

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