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What to Expect with Your Print Project

Step 1

First, we make sure we fully understand your needs and requirements for your project.

Then we assure all artwork is submitted or designs are started by out in-house team. This process typically takes around 3 business days but may take more for more complex projects.

Step 2

After approval is received we review everything ones more to confirm everything is correct then move straight into producing your project.

On average projects take 7 - 10 business days, however this may vary depending on complexity and other factors.

Step 3

Finally, we check your project to assure it meets our quality standards. (we're quite perfectionists). Once that is complete we package everything up and notify you.

You welcome to pick up your order at our office, or we can ship it straight to your door.

Common FAQ's

Do you require a deposit?

For all first-time clients we require a non-refundable deposit to begin your project.

My design file is large, how can I send you it?

For files over 10MB we recommend sending it to us via WeTransfer. This third party website is easy to use and very reliable for sending files up to 2GB (for free!).

Send your file now with WeTransfer


How long does production typically take?

Depending on what is being printed, typical production is 7 - 10 business days AFTER proof approval.

Can you design my printed material?

Certainly. Our team loves being creative and creating unique pieces for our clients. Do be aware design time is an additional charge and will add onto your overall production.

Quick Tips to Prep your File

Use CMYK color mode.
While we print most projects digitally, making sure you are in CMYK and not RGB will help your colors turn out more vibrant and accurate.

Make sure Photos are High Resolution
Using photos you pulled off your website, Facebook or the Google* is not always the best solution. The internet does not require photos to be high resolution for them to look amazing. However, when a photo is printed photos need to be a big as possible.

If you have photos that were taken with a cellphone or camera and are uploaded straight to your print file, you should be fine but it is good practice to make sure they are at least 300dpi.

*When finding images for your project, we strongly advise AGAINST using images found on Google. These typically have copyrights attached and can lead to expensive legal headaches. We recommend looking on stock image websites like Pexels and Unsplash.