8 Best Local Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs for Working Remotely

Posted Mar 9, 2021 | Updated 3 years ago

Over the last year, many companies and organizations, both large and small, have shifted to a culture of remote work, or at least a hybrid model that blends virtual and onsite interaction.

While there are benefits to working remotely in Colorado Springs, it can also get a bit tedious. Some professionals even find it difficult to focus when at home because of the numerous distractions that constantly vie for your attention. If that sounds familiar, it might be a good idea to mix up your work environment in order to achieve better focus and productivity to get done what you need to for your small business or local organization.

Local Coffee Shops: The Answer to Remote Work

One highly effective alternative to working from a home office (or in some cases, your couch) is coffee shops. These essential community establishments offer everything you need while on the clock: coffee and other beverages, food, seating, wireless Internet and an atmosphere where you can work vigorously for a couple hours without worrying that you’re annoying the staff. As a bonus, they also serve as an ideal location for meeting with a client or colleague.

That being said, not everyone functions the same. You may be someone who needs peace and quiet to focus, or you may like a bit of background noise to deter you from being distracted. In either case, there is a coffee shop for you in Colorado Springs.

Quiet Coffee Shops for Focus

Looking for a nice, quiet café where you don’t have to deal with too much noise and activity? Here are a few locations to check out:

1. Wayfinder Coffee Co.

Wayfinder Coffee Co., a popular watering hole for professionals on the northside of Colorado Springs, serves coffee that is sourced from around the world but roasted locally. Their diverse blends and thoughtful travel-inspired décor are designed to “transport you to a favorite memory.” Subsequently, this atmosphere serves as an effective starting point for getting lost in your work for a few hours over delicious brews, baked goods and tapas.

2. Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback Coffee Roasters has two locations, one on North Institute Street and the other on East Moreno Avenue. Both locations offer a variety of indoor and outdoor seating—wherever you can cultivate a sense of quiet focus—as well as specialty coffee drinks and homemade pastries. As an added bonus, Switchback is a community minded establishment that seeks to make superior-quality coffee accessible to all.

3. Building Three Coffee

Another good place to work remotely in Colorado Springs is Building Three Coffee, often stylized as Building3. There is ample seating for you to get comfortable and hunker down with your professional assignments. In terms of the coffee, Building3’s roastery is located onsite and they have strict standards for sourcing their coffee through direct trade. 

For some, silence is distracting. Maybe instead you are energized by the presence of other people and being surrounded by a steady stream of noise and movement deters you from checking your social media or getting caught up in the news. Here are some popular coffee shops in Colorado Springs that feature that environment:

1. Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee, a barista-owned and operated shop, promotes itself as “a beautiful space to work, relax, and connect with others,” and that’s just the kind of energy they foster at both their downtown and Northgate locations. You can grab a cup of coffee—made from beans the company roasts at their Loyal Coffee Clubhouse inside the Ivywild School—and some delicious toast or baked goods to snack on while you work. 

2. The Perk

The Perk also has two convenient locations for drinking coffee and working remotely in Colorado Springs. The company strives to promote community spirit and bring fun to all lives “through art, music, food, drink and a sharing of space.”  At both The Perk Downtown and the location off North Academy, you’ll find the energizing and positive environment you seek. 

3. Peak Place

Centrally located off North Academy, Peak Place is a great spot to frequent if you live farther from downtown Colorado Springs. This coffee shop possesses a vibrant communal atmosphere, with people coming and going and sharing tables. In addition to coffee, you can also order tasty snacks, like a breakfast taco, acai bowl or Monte Cristo sandwich.

Spunky Coffee Shops for Inspiration

If you have an affinity for the off-beat and eclectic, where you feel completely at-home doing work or meeting up with coworkers, here are a few options in Colorado Springs:

1. Good Neighbors Meeting House

For getting together with clients, employees or coworkers, consider the Good Neighbors Meeting House just a couple blocks from Uintah and Wahsatch. They currently offer limited indoor seating and outdoor patio seating, as well as a menu featuring unique dishes that are served all day and coffee beverages and cocktails. You can drum up inspiration and creativity for your remote work via the local art lining the walls or the vibrant outdoor environment. 

2. Dynamo Coffee Roasting

Another funky fun coffee shop in Colorado Springs that’s perfect for hanging out, studying or doing your work is Dynamo Coffee Roasting on Tutt Boulevard, slightly east of Powers. Everything about this café is interesting and eclectic, from the steampunk vibe and books on the tables to the ongoing puzzles that anyone can contribute to. There are several small corners where you’ll feel right at home setting up shop for a few hours and attending to business while sipping on coffee, tea, a smoothie or even a custom energy drink.

Reinvigorating Your Small Business in Colorado Springs

Finding somewhere other than your home to work remotely might be just the jumpstart you need in the new year. While you’re at it, see if there are other ways to change your routine or invigorate your small business. Our team at Third Angle has a variety of services that can be tailored to your specific professional needs. Whether you’re considering a redesign of your website, creating a new logo or launching a print marketing campaign, let’s grab coffee and discuss what we can do to give your business or organization the boost you need. 

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