How Color Motivates Response

Posted Apr 13, 2021 | Updated 3 years ago

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Color has affected the human psyche since the dawn of time. So it should come as no surprise that 85% of consumers say color is a primary factor for purchasing a product.

And it all works because color is linked with emotion. By using certain colors we can provoke certain emotional responses, along with direct the eye to influence a particular result. 

So what exactly are people’s preferred colors? Are they predictable? Kind of. People choose colors based on how they feel at the time, though there are some common generalities.

Take Red for instance. Red is a fiery, bold color that turns heads and is useful when you are trying to generate excitement around a product or brand. It’s even believed to encourage an appetite and increase heart rate. Making this popular for restaurants and media companies. 

Now, orange. Orange is an aggressive, impulsive color. It’s great for motivating action and innovation. But don’t let it intimidate you too much as it also portrays confidence and cheerfulness. That’s why it’s a popular color for the tech industry. 

Yellow is an optimistic color that stimulates not only mental processes but also happiness. Which is why it’s heavily used by educators and counselors. On the other hand, it can cause visual fatigue so use it wisely.

Next up is Green. The color of money, which is relatable to almost everyone. Besides wealth, green can trigger feelings of tranquility, renewal, and kindness. And has long been tied to spas and resorts.

Blue is one of the most widely favored colors. And that is due to the fact we live on a mostly blue planet. It provokes feelings of serenity, trust, and cleanliness. That’s why banks, security and medical facilities use it.

And finally Purple. A luxurious, magical, color. Purple can be bold like red but also calming like blue making it a very balancing color. That is why it is used commonly in the beauty industry along with children’s brands.

As you can see, using the right colors can help your brand leap ahead of the competition and provoke just the right emotion or action. Now get out there and go find the perfect periwinkle.

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