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Lunch & Learn Series

This free monthly series starts at 12:00p MT and is targeted at all levels of knowledge with each class lasting 45 to 50 minutes. While some months may target a particular industry we encourage everyone to join as there are always great nuggets of info that translate. Finally, if you registered for a class but missed it, don't worry, all of our Lunch & Learns are uploaded to our YouTube Channel the same day!

April 20th at 12:00p MT

With the word "recession" being thrown around more and more, it can be hard to not feel a little worried as a non-profit. In this month's Lunch & Learn we'll explore a whole variety of ways to stay afloat.

May 18th at 12:00p MT

This "old-school" method is still quite relevant and effective in this modern world! In this Lunch and Learn we'll go through all the must-knows and how to make it work best for your organization.

June 15th at 12:00p MT

Having a consistent look and feel for your business is ESSENTIAL to helping your customers build recognition, rapport, and trust. In this month's Lunch & Learn we'll create a Brand Bible that clearly defines all-the-things.

July 20th at 12:00p MT

Staying relevant in search is important but when it comes to local business, there's a few extra quarks you need to be aware of. In this month's Lunch & Learn we'll review what it takes to stay on top of local searches.

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