The Best Graphic Design Agencies in Colorado Springs

7 Best Graphic Design Agencies in Colorado Springs

Posted Nov 29, 2023 | Updated 7 months ago

Visuals are the core of your brand identity. Everything you create—from your website and email news blasts to print brochures and postcards—should incorporate recognizable elements of your company’s personality and the value you offer to current and prospective clients.

By blending the right illustrations, photography, typography and even motion graphics, you can develop print and digital materials that enhance your professional reputation, capture attention, and increase viewer engagement. That iterative process, however, takes both consistent effort and specialized skills.

With everything else you’ve got going on as a business owner in Colorado Springs—such as overseeing daily operations and planning strategically for the future—there’s no reason to add creative design to your to-do list. One of the most prudent decisions you can make is to delegate tasks like graphic design to experienced professionals who can work more quickly and effectively to produce stunning results that set your company apart.

Top Colorado Graphic Design Firms

The benefits of high-end graphic design are numerous. More than simply beautifying the tools and platforms you use to market your brand and connect with users, graphic design also has the ability to cultivate a positive brand identity, ensure your messaging is clear and consistent, and open up your business and offerings to new markets. 

It can also save you time and money when graphics display clearly and with consistent brand colors across print and digital platforms. Graphic design professionals know all about designing for size variations and pairing colors and fonts that will display well on light, dark, and transparent backgrounds. Further, graphic designers have the knowledge of industry software and hands-on experience to get the job done right and to its fullest potential. 

If you’re preparing for a new campaign, wanting to rebrand or needing new print materials, here are some of the best graphic design agencies in Colorado Springs to consider:

1. Third Angle

Unlike most other Colorado marketing agencies that are exclusively digital marketing focused, Third Angle specializes in crafting effective digital and traditional marketing campaigns. Our team at Third Angle leverages impactful graphic design in print and digital channels to clarify your unique business message and cater to your specific audience.

As one of Colorado Spring’s longest standing advertising agencies, you can trust that we’ll be around to serve your business now and for years to come. Our graphic design services encompass hundreds of offerings for functional and promotional print materials and direct mailer designs along with logo design and branding. We are here to help you develop a brand identity that fits and is recognizable, whether applied to a menu, apparel, a website, a business card, a flyer or a postcard or other marketing collateral.

At Third Angle, we believe everything your company presents to your existing and prospective clients paints a picture of who you are. From the colors and typography you incorporate into your design to the words you use, each print and digital product you create tells part of your story. It would be our pleasure to collaborate with you to send the right message to customers, prospects, and onlookers.

Graphic Design, Logos, and Branding

You need a brand image that reflects the entire essence of your company and your mission in order to connect with the right customers. We're here to help you distill your brand across all of your marketing materials.

2. Hi-five Design

Hi-five Design, based in Colorado Springs, is a small, one-person operation run by Chris Thornton—and his helpful Rottweiler Ivan. This creative studio offers graphic design, web design and illustration services with a focus on “simple, bold and effective concepts.” Hi-five Design dabbles in a wide range of industries, including the local Cannabis market, and can help you with anything from a new shop branding package, to creating a beer can label or wall art and vinyl sticker graphics. A few recent projects you can check out include a logo wall painting for Denver’s Van Craft and branding for Colorado Springs’ Abe’s Tree Experts. 

3. Fixer Creative

Fixer Creative, run by Sara and Troy DeRose, partners with companies in the Colorado Front Range on a variety of projects, from rebranding and brand consulting to creative production and, of course, graphic design. To give you an idea of the firm’s versatility, Fixer Creative is currently working on branding for a local nonprofit that fights for food equity; designing “brand, environment and art moments” for a new boutique hotel; and naming and branding a new pizzeria in Colorado. Some of their favorite industries to design for include restaurants, arts and culture, nonprofits, and small startups.

4. Magneti

Magneti’s mission is to help you “create a positive and engaging brand experience for your customers,” particularly through strong visual and verbal identity. They have two offices, one in Denver and one in Colorado Springs, and a fairly large team compared to many of the other Colorado Springs graphic design firms. They are driven by what they define as Magneti’s Three Laws of Gravity: overcommunicate, nail the details and have fun.  

5. Crystal Peak

Founded in 1986, Crystal Peak is one of the most well-established graphic design firms in Colorado Springs. Over the years, they’ve evolved into a full-service advertising agency and they serve clients locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to recurring graphic design services, Crystal Peak also offers initial logo and brand development, corporate identity and public relations services.

6. Ginseng Creative

Ginseng Creative, a boutique design studio operated by Tanya Shaw, offers personalized services and a high level of commitment to clients. However, when dealing with projects of a larger capacity, Ginseng Creative will partner with other creative specialists. Regarding printed materials, this graphic design agency primarily offers business marketing materials like business cards, posters and package design as well as full-color magazines.

7. Colorado Graphic Design

Colorado Graphic Design, headquartered in Colorado Springs, is a professional design and advertising agency that offers a variety of services, including graphic design. The agency offers complimentary quotes based on your preliminary project specifications and provides photo editing services, product labeling designs, vehicle wrap designs, and digital banner ads. 

Selecting the Right Graphic Design and Marketing Agency in Colorado Springs

The right graphic designer and marketing team to support you and your organization’s design and marketing campaign needs will depend on factors like:

  • Your budget
  • Your campaign needs
  • Your aesthetic preferences for designs
  • Your personality and how you and the designers(s) best work

Start by getting a good sense of the design style of the graphic designer you are considering working with as you meet with them. From your interactions, the outcome should be that you are confident that they will be able to bring your design to life and support your overall marketing campaign needs.

Graphic Design, Logos, and Branding

You need a brand image that reflects the entire essence of your company and your mission in order to connect with the right customers. We're here to help you distill your brand across all of your marketing materials.