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Posted on June 4, 2021 | Category SMB Marketing | Length 2:12

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You’re finally ready to begin marketing your business. You have a product or service ready to go, you have a budget in mind and you have an idea who you want to reach.

But it’s easier than you think to make mistakes in your marketing strategy and they can be costly!

So, here are 5 common marketing mistakes to avoid.

1: Not Being Realistic

Everyone wants success with their marketing campaign. But know your limits.
Launching a new website and expecting 10,000 visitors your first month is not a realistic goal.

2: Not Being Specific

Sure, the goal for your mailer is to generate leads. But you need to be specific to reach your goals.Instead, set out to generate 25 leads from the mailer. That way you have a goal that is both measurable and attainable.

3: Not Allowing Enough Time

Marketing is powerful, but it’s not magic. We live in a world of instant gratification and we want results from our efforts immediately. Some marketing techniques take time. It’s important to be patient.

4: Sending Mixed Messages

Mixing up your message during a campaign can result in confusion, so be consistent in both your offer and your branding.

5: Not Adjusting To Results

After some time, review your results. When your efforts aren’t living up to your expectations,
move on to another marketing technique. Not every form of marketing is fit for every business.

Don’t let these five common marketing mistakes trip up your next campaign.

Whether you’re sending out a direct mailer or investing in social media, avoiding mistakes will save you dollars and future headaches.

To learn even more, check out my full post. I’m Randy from Third Angle Marketing with your marketing minute.

Randy Monroe

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