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MM 048 What is SEO thumbnail

Google Doesn’t Hate You… You need SEO!

Seriously, you need to take search engine optimization seriously and Sarah helps you do it… without breaking your brain.

MM 047 Effective Direct Mail Campaign - Thumbnail

How To Create an Effective Direct Mail Campaign in 2022

With all the glitz and glam digital marketing brings, how can you leverage older methods like direct mail? And is it even still effective?  (If you’re unfamiliar with direct mail entirely, check out my quick video, “What is Direct Mail Marketing?“) Why Direct Mail Matters As one of the oldest marketing methods, direct mail has…

Marketing Vs Advertising Video Thumbnail

Marketing Vs Advertising: What’s the Difference?

Contrary to popular belief Marketing and Advertising are not the same thing. Simply put, marketing is the overarching concept that includes all the things to get people to purchase your product or service. Where advertising is just one of the ways a business markets itself. That is why the term ‘marketing campaign’ is so common.…

MM 045 LinkedIn Overview - Thumbnail

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business in 2022

LinkedIn has been around for many years but has been sorely misunderstood by the majority. Many people use it to showcase their skills to get hired, which it’s good for, but where LinkedIn shines is in creating a professional network.  So what is LinkedIn and why is it so important? LinkedIn is a social media…

TA_MM 042-email-marketing-for-small-businesses-thumbnail

How Email Marketing Works for Small Businesses

Do you want to get into email marketing but are unsure of where to start? In this video Sarah teaches you all about email marketing, and the tips and tricks to get started.

Why are There Paper Shortages

Why is there a Paper Shortage?

Did you know there was a print shortage? Or what it means for you as a business? In this video, Sarah explains the paper shortage and shares a few tips on how to make print work for you in 2022.

Pull vs Pull Marketing

Which Marketing Strategy is Most Effective?

Ever heard of push or pull marketing? How about inbound and outbound marketing? Here’s a quick rundown of the difference and what tasks relate to each.


Are WordPress Websites Good?

There’s a reason so many choose WordPress for their website. If you’re still unsure of WordPress watch this video to learn what it is and why it’s great.

MM 038 How Much Should You Spend on Marketing

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

Are you struggling to create a marketing budget for your business? It’s time to struggle no more.
In this video, Sarah shares a straightforward method to creating a simple marketing budget for your business that doesn’t break your brain.

MM 037 Why Your Website is Slow

Why Your Website is So Slow

Are you struggling with a website that loads slower than a dying snail?
In this video Sarah, shares insights on the key reasons your site slow.

TA_Video Thumbnails

How to Announce Your New Website

Make sure your new website gets the attention it deserves! Learn these steps to get the most out of your new OR redesigned website.

MM 035 How to Respond to Negative Reviews

BAD REVIEWS HAPPEN….Here’s How to Respond to them.

Has someone written a negative review about your company and you’re not sure how to move forward?
In this video Sarah addresses several ways on how to respond to negative reviews while maintaining a professional appearance.

MM 034 What Kind of Pages Should Be on Your Landscaping Website

What kind of pages should be on your landscaping website?

Are you looking to build a website for your landscaping business but aren’t sure where to begin?
In this video Sarah addresses what types of pages and information you should include in your website in order to generate new customers.

MM 033 How to Master Social Media

How to Master Social Media (the right way)

Want to make sure you are getting the most out of your social media marketing efforts? Here’s the ultimate guide to social media for small business.

TA_Video Thumbnails (10)

What to Expect During the Website Development Process

So you’ve started building your website, but where do you — should you — start? Check out this video to learn all about the development process.

TA_Video Thumbnails-2

Do Postcards still work?

Curious if postcards can help your company? Well, Postcards can help in more ways than one, and this is how:

MM 031 How a Multi-Touch Mail Campaign helped this company

How this Landscaping Company Increased Sales by 32%

This company generated 32% in new sales in just six months. Discover the secret to their success

MM 030 How to Setup GBP for Landscapers

How to Set Up a Google Business Profile

Learn how a Google Business Profile account can put your company on the map.
In this video Sarah addresses how creating a Google Business Profile page can help your landscaping company grow.

MM 029 - How to Bid a Landscaping Job

How to Bid a Landscaping Job Higher… AND STILL WIN.

Trapped in a bidding war for clients? Try this simple technique to win over clients AND not be the lowest bid.

TA_Video Thumbnails (11)

Why Telling Stories Sells More Products

Telling stories isn’t hard, but why is it so hard to be so boring? This video addresses a major issue and shows how storytelling can help.

why you need to claim social handles

Why You Need to Claim Your Business Social Media Handles Now

Why is claiming your social media handles that important? When should you claim them? What Happens if you don’t? Find out here:

What Does a Local SEO Campaign Look Like

What Does a Local SEO Campaign Look Like

So you know what local SEO is, but what exactly goes into it? What’s included may be surprising. Find out what a campaign includes here:

What is Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

What is Local Search Engine Optimization? How does it differ from regular SEO? There is a major difference between them, learn it here:

How to Use Post Themes to Create a Better Content Calendar

How to Use Post Themes to Create a Better Content Calendar

Creating content is hard. Creating content for social media… nearly impossible. So Here’s 5 Different post themes to help generate consistent and high quality content!

How Much Does a Good Website Cost (randy)

How Much Does A Good Website Cost?

Is there a true baseline for how much a business website should cost?💲💲 What goes into pricing a website?

How Much Does Website hosting and maintenance Cost (randy)

How Much Does Website Hosting & Maintenance Cost?

Having a company website is the norm for business today. However, websites now require ongoing maintenance and hosting services to ensure they operate smoothly. So what goes into the costs associated with professional website maintenance and hosting plans?

3 web design basics you cant forget

3 Web Design Basics You Can’t Forget

Are you confusing your visitors with a bad website design? Learn the first 3 web design best practices to get your site up to snuff.

why free marketing isnt free

Why Free Marketing Isn’t Actually Free

Are you a ‘victim’ of free marketing? There are a plethora of ways to generate buzz for your business but when does crafty turn into just a waste of money (and time).

how many leads to make 100k (randy)

How Many Leads Does it Take to Make $100k?

Set yourself apart from the 45% of small businesses owners that do not track marketing ROI. Refuse to throw money away in the name of “marketing.”

common marketing mistakes to avoid (randy)

Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a small business owner, or new to marketing, avoid the mistakes the rest of us have made. Learn what those mistakes are here:

choosing images for you biz

How to Choose Images for your business… that don’t suck.

Choosing Photos for your Businesses Online Platform(s) can be the difference between a sale and a click-away. So it’s important to know how to choose the right ones.

how color motivates

How Color Motivates

Color has affected the human psyche since the dawn of time. So it should come as no surprise that 85% of consumers say color is a primary factor for purchasing a product.

how to create a successful campaign

How To Create A Successful Marketing Campaign

Many businesses still see marketing as an ad-hoc way to solve a temporary sales issue. Learn how to plan your campaign to guarantee success:

5 habits that enhance ur cus service

5 Habits That Enhance Your Customer Service

Establishing great habits focused around delighting your customers are an essential component to maintaining a high level of customer retention.
So here are 5 habits to improve your customer’s experience

6 local SEO tips (Randy)

6 Local SEO Tips You Need to Know

In Only 6 Steps, you can take your local SEO to the next level. This 3 minute video has everything you need to know!

4 tasks to help your biz sell more in 2021 (Randy)

4 Tasks to Help You Increase Sales

It’s time to take on the challenge. Check out these 4 tasks, and when done, they will help position your business to sell more this year.

TA_Video Thumbnails (13)

What is CMYK RGB and PMS?

If you’ve ever had a logo designed or worked with a printer chances are you’ve heard the terms, but what do they mean? It’s time to find out:

Listen to your customers

Why You Need to Listen to Your Customers

Often we are so eager to help that we fail to fully listen, or understand, the real problem at hand. It’s time to listen, and here’s why:

what is direct mail marketing

What is Direct Mail Marketing

The truth is out. Americans like getting mail, and the statistics back it up. That’s where direct mail marketing comes in. Learn more here:

why you still need print marketing

Why You (Still) Need Print Marketing

The digital age outshone the print industry since it began, but the excitement it held is fading. What does that mean? Print still matters.

Why you need to update your website

Why You NEED to Update Your Website

The best thing about having a website, 20 years ago, was that they were essentially set-it-and-forget-it, but it’s not like that anymore…

why you need reviews

Why You Need Reviews

The way people discover, evaluate and trust businesses has changed. In the digital age, consumers are reliant on digital word of mouth:

using social media for your business

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Social Media can be confusing. “Which platforms do I use?”, “How often do I post?”, “How do I know this is working?”. Let us answer those:

what makes a good logo

What Makes a Good Logo?

We’ve all seen it. That logo that made us go, “what were they thinking?!”, Don’t be that guy. It’s time to get your logo up to par.

what is SEO

What is SEO?

Did you know 90.63%* of websites get no organic search traffic from Google? Why? Because their SEO sucks. But what is SEO in the first place?

EDDM marketing

What is EDDM Marketing?

There’s just something exhilarating about opening your mailbox to find an item you can hold, and it’s time to take advantage of that feeling.

How to use FAQs

How to Use FAQs

We all have those questions, the ones you answer all the time. It’s time to make it easier on yourself, and learn about FAQs.

Marketing vs Advertising

What is Marketing vs Advertising?

Pop quiz hot shot: you need to push your new sale but what do you use? Marketing or Advertising!? Are you ready to know the answer?