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Posted on August 10, 2021 | Category Websites | Length 2:45

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How Much Does A Website Cost? Well, it depends.

Technically, you can build a website for a small business for free using some platforms. Others are available for a small monthly charge.

But there’s always a catch when you rely on a basic website builder for your project.

  • First, your free website will contain ads.
  • Second, many key features aren’t included with a free account.
  • And finally, the free or minimum payment web design platforms often give you little freedom to improve your technical SEO.

So, maybe the better question is, “How much does a GOOD website cost?”

That means a feature-rich, search engine friendly, and ad-free site that represents your business well and is easy for visitors to navigate and use.

When you’re building a website your final price depends on the size of the site and its complexity and functionality.

A 10-page website with standard features will cost less than a highly-customized 50-page e-commerce website that accepts online payment.

You’re able to establish more realistic expectations about cost if you have a general idea of what you need in your website.

Here are a few questions to ask as you’re preparing for the project:

How many pages of content do I need? (The avg for small business website is 10 to 13 pages)

Is my website going to be mostly informational, or do I also want people to be able to schedule appointments, order products or complete other transactions online?

What sort of premium plugins are necessary to achieve the functionality I want?

How much customization do I want for layout, logos, images and graphics?

How important is it for me to be able to make small changes myself?

Let’s face it. Running a business is no small feat. With numerous demands on your time, figuring out how to design a professional website doesn’t need to be part of that.

At Third Angle, we’ve got your back. We can design and develop a new website that is tailored to your business, your industry and your audience.

You can learn more by clicking the link below or calling us today.

I’m Randy with Third Angle Marketing and this is your marketing minute.

Randy Monroe

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