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Posted on July 27, 2021 | Category Websites | Length 2:16

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Having a company website is the norm for business today. However, it’s not enough to just register a domain name, set up your site, and call it good.

Websites require ongoing maintenance and hosting services to ensure they operate smoothly. As you research your options, be sure you understand what you’re paying for.

Costs to maintain a website for your business can vary based on several factors including:
• the size of your site,
• the complexity and functionality of your site,
• your site’s traffic volume.

“Website management” is a broad description of various service levels offered by providers and may include:
• Software updates of the core and plugins
• Backups and restores
• Security checks and malware cleanup
• Uptime monitoring
• And performance checks

The more often the core elements need to be updated, the costlier it may be to maintain each month.

The cost for “web hosting” is a similar situation, and can vary based on the type of hosting chosen.
• Dedicated hosting, is on the high end of the spectrum,
• while the cheapest plans come with shared hosting. But, beware the side-effects of cheap shared hosting.

If you select the cheapest shared hosting plan, it will be extremely basic, whereas pricier plans may include an SSL and other special features.

You need your business website to be accessible to visitors and to run smoothly without constant problems, which means web hosting and maintenance are necessary expenses.

Your website is only as good as it performs. If your site is plagued with outdated or broken features, malware, poor SEO, and other issues, it can undermine your professional reputation and business growth.
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Randy Monroe

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