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Posted on January 25, 2022 | Category SMB Marketing | Length 3:13

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Needing to introduce their new highly niche services, J. Rick Lawn & Tree utilized a unique approach for the 2021 marketing campaign that resulted in a 32% increase in new sales in just six months. In addition to solidifying themselves as a local authority for that niche.

So how did they do it? I’ll get to that in a moment, first let’s get a little background.

J. Rick Lawn & Tree has been providing lawn and tree care services throughout the front range of Colorado since 2011.

We first met Jon Rick, the owner, in 2012 and over the years, we’ve provided various print, web and marketing services.

Always looking for the next way to expand the successful J. Rick brand, in late 2020, Jon set his eyes on reaching a new market segment with much-needed services.

With this new market opportunity in sight, he reached out to us to help him identify and reach the right people for his new services.

The target was set but it was time for a little research. What we discovered was the primary purchase motivation for his new audience is two-fold; they are either proactively looking or they are reactively responding due to a notice requiring them to take action.

With that knowledge, we formalized a plan that involved both online and offline tactics.

For the online portion, we made some crucial updates to J. Rick’s website that enabled people to find him through search engines but also provided important service information they needed quickly.

Next up was utilizing an old-school offline technique, direct mail. To get the most value out of the campaign, we recommended that J. Rick send postcards to landowners with a strict set of parameters since the notices they received came via mail.

The design of the piece was kept simple and remained the same for each mailing to heighten brand recognition and reinforce the new services.

The primary call to action was for recipients to call J. Rick, so the phone number was kept prominent on the piece. Their website URL was also included for those who wanted to do a little research before reaching out for a sales conversation.

From a timing perspective, we recommended J. Rick send the postcards once per month and coordinate the drop dates with the weather to achieve the best response.

By the second month of sending these postcards and driving qualified website traffic to additional online resources, Jon noted that most of the jobs were coming from phone calls, the main call to action from the mailers. And by the end of the 6 month campaign, Jon shared that they had achieved 32% more in new sales compared to the previous year.

This is just a quick summary of how this lawn care company was able to achieve such great results. To see what Jon had to say about the same campaign and get all the nitty gritty details check out the link in the description.

I’m Sarah from Third Angle, thanks for watching.

Curious how direct mail can help your business? Watch my What is Direct Mail video where I tell you the what and how it all works.

Sarah Perry

As the official nerd at Third Angle, Sarah specializes in creating and managing clients' online marketing services. With a background in graphic design and website development, she can help you determine how to best present your business while playing nice in today's world wide web.
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