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Posted on March 31, 2022 | Category Websites | Length 4:28

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  1. Post on Social Media
    In the two to three weeks ahead of your website launch, build anticipation with a series of posts on your social media accounts. These posts – often referred to as “teasers” – should be short, simple and original, even a bit vague. Then create a series of posts for the next weeks after your launch to highlight new features.
  2. Harness the Reach of Your Followers and Business Partners
    It helps to announce your website launch in a first person sense, but you shouldn’t stop there. Make a list of business partners and highly engaged followers who you’ve established a positive rapport with and ask if they’d like to participate in the announcement on their own social media accounts. This includes those who are involved in a partner or referral program and already have some sort of commissions based relationship for sending business to your website.
  3. Write a Press Release
    Write a press release about your website launch or rebranding to share with local news outlets, trade publications and other entities. If you’re part of any community organizations, networking groups or business associations, they may also have a weekly or monthly newsletter in which they can include your announcement.
  4. Email Your Website Announcement
    Harness the power of your email list so you can determine exactly who sees your messaging and when. Just like your social media posts, consider at least one “teaser” type email leading up to the launch, and then showcase the various features of your website or the unique advantages of engaging with your company or organization that way.
  5. Send Out a Mailer
    Not everyone is on social media, so it’s smart to diversify your website announcement techniques. If you have a direct mailing list, design a brochure, postcard or other type of physical document you can mail to your business clients, or volunteers and donors if you operate a nonprofit organization.
  6. Promote an Offer
    Depending on the kind of website you’ve just launched and your brand message, you could promote a special offer to pique the interest of passersby on social media, recipients of your mailer, and existing customers to return to your website.
  7. Hold a Website Launch Party
    You may even consider holding a launch party. If it was a team effort to redesign your website, this is an especially poignant measure to take. When you take time to celebrate achievements, it signals to your team that their work matters and that it’s worth celebrating. Further, if your industry is tight knit and you have developed relationships with your customer base and audience, this is an opportunity to let people mingle, deepen their working relationships, and spark new ideas and creative conversations to propel your business forward.

Sarah Perry

As the official nerd at Third Angle, Sarah specializes in creating and managing clients' online marketing services. With a background in graphic design and website development, she can help you determine how to best present your business while playing nice in today's world wide web.
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