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Posted on January 4, 2022 | Category SMB Marketing | Length 2:01

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I think it’s safe to assume that Google dominates internet searches. Especially since it currently holds roughly 85% of the market. And because Google is king, it is a big source for keeping landscape companies locked in a competitive battle over their audiences.

So how can you increase your odds of being the top Company? Setup and optimize your Google Business Profile which is a free tool that enables you to manage and optimize your Business’s info on Google search and maps.

By claiming your business and providing the essential information such as your service area or business location, the services your office, and hours of operation you quickly make it easier for prospective customers to find you and reach out.

I do highly encourage you to go further and fully optimize your Google Business Profile by adding photos, posting FAQs, special offers, and more. Oh and don’t forget about building those important relationships with customers by responding to reviews.

And having an optimized Google Business Profile increases your visibility to prospective customers which can lead to more leads. In addition, you can utilize the monthly reports to see how searchers are interacting with your profile plus how many calls, messages, or bookings your profile is generating.
If used correctly, Google Business Profile is a beneficial tool for landscaping companies, especially since most target a highly localized region. And hey, it’s also free so why not take advantage and grow your business.

To get the full how-to and see tips on setting up your Google Business Profile, check the link to the full post in the description.

Thanks for watching, I’m Sarah from Third Angle.

Want to dive deeper into local search engine optimization? Check out this video What is Local SEO, where I address the major difference between local and general SEO is, and how it works for your business.

Sarah Perry

As the official nerd at Third Angle, Sarah specializes in creating and managing clients' online marketing services. With a background in graphic design and website development, she can help you determine how to best present your business while playing nice in today's world wide web.
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