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Posted on March 1, 2022 | Category SMB Marketing, Websites | Length 2:29

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First impressions matter, and for many landscaping companies, a professional website is the first encounter between them and prospective customers.

As a result it’s important to ensure your landscaping company’s website both appeals to visitors and provides them the information needed to decide who they want for their project.

And if you want to truly have a knock out website, I recommend reviewing your buyer’s journey before you start. Meaning you should include both information for:
Those who just discovered who you are
Those who are evaluating you against other options
Those who are ready to take the next steps
Knowing what info or questions each stage of your buyer’s journey has can, not only, help create better content but also assist in the structure of your site.

So what pages should you always have on your website? It depends.

But here are some important ones:

A home page – to help direct visitors and provide the most pertinent content and provide answers to top questions

Services & Service Area – to provide details on how and where you help clients. This can be a simple list or detailed breakdown

Request a Quote or Book a Consultation Form – to better funnel your leads and avoid unnecessary time spent on those who aren’t a good fit. This also helps streamline your process by having prospects answer pertinent questions before you ever reach out to them.

An About Us – to show prospective customers you are indeed human and are qualified. Since a lot of the work is done in people’s personal spaces like their home or even office, establishing trust early on is imperative.

There are other pages you can include on your site like a before and after gallery, landing pages for downloadables, or even a blog section that showcases project recaps and helpful information.

Long story short, as a landscape professional, or any business for that matter, it’s important to answer your customer’s questions, concerns, and inspire them to take action – with your company.

To get more information about what pages to put on your landscaping website, check out the links in the description. Otherwise, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

I’m Sarah from Third Angle, thanks for watching!
Unsure if you should build on your own or hire a website designer? Check out this video How Much does a Good Website Cost, to get a basic understanding of what to expect.

Sarah Perry

As the official nerd at Third Angle, Sarah specializes in creating and managing clients' online marketing services. With a background in graphic design and website development, she can help you determine how to best present your business while playing nice in today's world wide web.
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